Saturday, March 30, 2013

Thoughts of Another

As I catch up on my reading I wanted to share a few things.

Like this:
How this family REVERSED asthma symptoms!

And how about reversing tooth decay instead of a bunch of drilling?

Raising daughters? Please read this.
And it's follow up post here.

And by the same author, admittedly one of my favorites...Kristen over at We Are That Family...
Raising grateful kids in an Entitled World...

Happy reading and learning to you!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Newness of New

The time had come. My husband could simply no longer take Hughesnet. It was time to kick them to the curb and get a new internet provider.

We have been trying for a couple years now to find some other form of internet.
We live in a weird spot apparently.
Our next door neighbor even has something that wouldn't work right here....kinda odd.

We switched using a hotspot from our cell phone provider. We originally tried this when we moved into this house, but blew through the alloted broadband in 2 weeks. Ouch.

So this time a higher level was available. My husband is extremely happy to be rid of the thorn in his side. I however, well, my computer actually, was no longer compatible with the new system.

 I was off line.

I realized how much time I had been on line. Wow. It was a little mind blowing. Yes, I could justify much. I work from home, I write, I research.... I need to catch up with all of my friends at regular intervals all day long, oh wait. I had enough contact through my phone, but I could write on there, hence my absence. Thank you my faithful 2 readers for sticking it out with me.

I am back now, not only with a new connection, but a new computer (Thank you to the one who gave it to me). And now I have to go accomplish things before I get sucked into the vortex by my cape.

May your day be productive and full of joy.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Little Grace Please

On Facebook there is a letter circulating, a "Dear mom on the iphone" sort of thing. It talks about how she is missing precious moments in her kids life. They are only young once after all etc.

And now there is at least one response to it, as seen here. Giving permission to the mom on the iphone to keep doing what she is doing, we have to multi -ask to survive.

I think both letters have valid points.

There are people addicted to FB, Tweets and social media, that are indeed missing the life in front of them. There are also people just managing their time with a technological device instead of paper, and at least they still got to take their kids to the park instead of being stuck indoors somewhere "working".

You could replace "iphone" with TV, work, hobbies, movies, drugs, alcohol, gossip, even "doing good". ANYTHING can take you away from the present.

Here's what I think, and I give credit to a commenter on the rebuttal post.
She comments that she works from home, and yes she is on her ipad or iphone working while still being at baseball practice and whatnot. You know, earning money to provide for her kids. She summed it up with this,
 "What I need is grace, not judgement".


We all need grace. Not judgement.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


My husband and I had the honor  of being part of a album recording this last summer.  LouAnn Lee recording what I believe is her eleventh album, "Run To You".
We recorded it as a live concert at our church. Let me tell you, the Holy Spirit was present that day. The room was filled with His glory, this is a truly anointed album.

This is her song Behold. It is powerful, scripture based and we love singing it.
It's worth the time to listen.

To get your own copy of this album you can visit her website HERE.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

21 Days to Be Still

My beautiful sister in love wrote a book.
This is the description as seen on Amazon:

Have you every struggled to "be still and know" that He is God (Psalm 46:10)? Do you want to experience more peace and joy? 
Are ready to spend some quiet time listening to the Lover of your soul?
You are invited on a 21-day journey of practicing the presence of God. This short devotional will guide you as you learn to practice the art of being still and listening to God as He speaks to your heart. Each chapter includes a song that will assist in ushering you into His presence. A journal for your personal time with God is also available to purchase in paperback.

And guess what? It's free today and tomorrow, March 6th and 7th.

Please check out this beautifully written devotional book.
Here is the amazon link

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Some days are just worth the wait of home made bread.

Some breads are just worth waiting for.