Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tomorrow Is It

Tomorrow is November 1st.
Wow, this year flew by!
Monday brings not only tummy aches from too much candy, but also NABLOPOMO.

So everyday in November I will post  something. ....

I've decided to challenge myself this year for something a little more meaningful.
I will be blogging Thankful Lists everyday, 1 for November 1st, 2 for the 2nd, and so on until I reach 30 for the 30th.

I will not repeat any (unless absolutely necessary to emphasize something).

I am throwing down a challenge to any of my 3 readers (Hi! Thanks for visiting!)
I challenge you to:
2. Write at least ONE thing you are thankful for each day of November.You can post it as a comment here, FB, your own blog, can tweet it in fact, just so someone else, somewhere can witness it.

You in no way have to do what I am doing. I can not emphasize enough how healing gratitude is.
How a thankful heart is a happy heart! People love being around people that are happy and full of gratitude!

Will you join me?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ten On Tuesday

Crazy things keep happening around here, like a man going nuts and setting the big mall on fire, followed by a weekend of constant crazy rain and wind.

Here is a list of things I am thankful for because they are stable.

1. My God, stable, ever loving, always there when I call.
2. My Husband, reliable, steadfast, honorable.
3. The craziness of my family, I can always count on the roller coaster that is my family, love it, love them.
4. Worship being healing and lifting me even out of the darkest places.
5. My humaness,I am thankful that I now know, without a doubt, that I am a human, and I will mess up...I can not expect perfection, because it simply isn't possible.
6. Life, time, seasons....everything will keep moving, we will never get stuck in one place forever.
7. Boots. I know, weird one, I don't care what the fashions are for a year, if it's cold, there will always be boots, I love boots, I am so very thankful for them when it gets really cold.
8. Ice Cream. I am very stable in my love and thankfulness for ice cream. :)
9. Sun, moon, stars. Rising, setting, glowing, looking beautiful. Clouds may cover them, but they are still there. Just like God, just because you can't always see Him, or feel Him, doesn't mean he isn't there.
10. Love. Not all love is stable, and many people mess love up all the time. But it is a constant. It is always available, maybe not everywhere you turn to find it, but it is here.

Tell me, what are you thnakful for?


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

HEY! It's Tuesday...all day...

Ten amazing things I am so very thankful for:
(no particular order)

1. Fun size candy bars. Less calories, no guilt, well, unless you eat the whole bag, then you are on your own.
2. Chili with cornbread. I made some last night, and it turned out so very delicious.
3. God's continued blessings. Look around you, you have them too!
4. Crisp air, and warm comforters...not everyone has such a luxury...
5. Healing. Progress. Moving forward. Surviving, then thriving!
6. Music, thank you Lord for music!
7. Coupons and good deals....being a good steward with what I am entrusted.
8. My crazy family, they are weird, sometimes really loud, messy, and I Love them all.
9. New adventures....even if you have no idea what they are.
10. Art. Oh, I love how people interpret and share their opinions, and visions, of God's creations. From a child's scribblings, finger paint and stick figures, to commercial art, and fine art from the's all interesting. I may not like everything I see, and some may be too dark to enjoy, but I find it fascinating. Art is not limited to paint, canvas, or pencil and can be in the design of a quilt, the arch of a building, the lighting of a photograph. Art is certainly in packaging and marketing to please your eye and catch your attention, but it is also in the clothing you wear, and the combinations you choose. It's all around you everyday.

Tell me, what are you thankful for?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ten On Tuesday, October

A thankful heart finds it hard to gripe and complain about the world. A thankful heart tends to be more optimistic. A person with gratitude is much more pleasant to be around.

What are you thankful for?

Ten things I am thankful for in the month of October:

1. Apple season. Crisp, yummy.
2. Canning apple butter and other apple products because it is apple season.
3. Falls leaves really putting on a show, but not yet making extra yard work.
4. Cooler weather, things slow down, less mowing and weeding, more lollygagging.
5. Soups and stew like easy meals.
6. A god daughter's birthday.
7. Jeans.
8. 10-10-10 was cool.
9. Lower energy bills, no a/c, no heat.
10. Brach's brand Candy corn and pumpkins

Monday, October 11, 2010

I Need Your Coupons

After my long visit with Tiffany, couponing queen, I have realized what I need to do.

I need to use coupons and really cut our food bill.

Here's the thing. I will not use every brand or product for ourselves. It's true. I am a little snobby about a few things, just a few, and there are some things we just don't need.

I have come up with a plan.

I am going to work the system to the best of my ability, just like my amazing friend does, and after setting some things aside for my own family  when I get those 20 cans of chili for 12 cents each or nearly free shampoo, I am going to donate to needy families I personally know, as well as shelters, homes for abused women and the local food closet as well. I see this as a huge ministry possibility.

So please.
If you get the Sunday paper, and you just throw out those coupons, or only cut one or two out, please give me the rest!

Leave me a comment and we can converse via email.

If you see the possibility of doing this as well, then check out my friends blog, A Fruitful Find, and others like her, look for one in your region that pays attention to the stores  near you.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ten On Tuesday

It's Tuesday!
Ten things I am thankful for , in no particular order.

1. Rain! It's raining here in Idaho and it's lovely and refreshing.
2. Thrift store day, we are off to find treasures.
3. Meeting new and wonderful people.
4. Injuries that heal quickly. Aaron is almost not limping, almost.
5. Potato-cheese-corn chowder.
6. Fresh raspberry jam.
7. God's grace and answers to prayer.
8. Moments of peace.
9. Spencer's birthday was fabulous.
10. Snuggling with my honey.

BONUS #11. Couponing and incredible deals.
What are you thankful for?