Saturday, October 31, 2009

Treats all around.

Enjoy the day, be safe.

Friday, October 30, 2009


The house is now our home.
Spencer puked in it.

Poor kid. Horrible headache, throat pain, fever and then , last night, puking. That seems to be done now, (PRAISE GOD).
We aren't a family that usually throws up, it was kinda weird. Jenelle was torn between compassion for him and running away as to not be triggered. I can understand that.
I woke up this morning with a headache, I am telling myself it's because of all the moving. The dust, and all that. Plus my back hurts, so I am out of alignment, so therefore, my head would hurt. Yep. I AM NOT GETTING WHATEVER HE HAS. And that's final.

He still has a fever.
His head doesn't hurt like last night, but it isn't all better either.
He is asking for food, so that's good. (We are going easy, BRAT stuff).

I hope he is better by tomorrow. That would be a little sad.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I want to interupt this count downt o say that we already slept in the new house last night...but without heat, or hot water, or a stove...
little miscommunication with the propane company, it's being resolved today.

So the good news is, we are in! YAY! We might be freezing, but we're in.
Bad news, our computer will not turn back on.
We have no idea why, and we have tried many, many things, nothing has worked yet.

Without that computer Aaron can't get work done.
This is a major issue. MAJOR.

So, there's that.

That's allt he update I have for now. You may resume your regular Thursday schedule now.


I am one very excited woman.
Thing is, I pre-wrote this post, so I could be a frazzled mess right now, crying in the middle of the hopefully empty house trying to clean some spot off the carpet from an ink pen that was under sofa without it's cap on, for along time....But since we already moved the sofas out at this time, that won't happen.

So I say, I AM EXCITED. I am finally going to sleep in, live in, cook in, and do fabulous wonderful laundry in a clean bright room inside, my latest home.AAHH.

Thank you for bearing with me as my brain focused hard at the task at hand. I may have a sore back, but I will be smiling. Funny thing is. The house would be plain and ordinary to so many. But it's all relative. Compared to where I live, it's huge, and modern. I mean, it has DOUBLE PAINED WINDOWS! I know...seems like a simple thing, but they make such a difference, especially when it's, say, 27 outside, or snowing.

It's the little things that make me happy.
Well ,okay, I could handle some whopping big happy news, or blessings too, but seriously, the little things are all good.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So, there might be a problem with blogging soon. And I was planning on NOBLOPOMOing this year again. But high speed internet is challenging in our new place. Sure, we can get some dial up going...yay :(...or we can dish out some serious cash for some sort of satellite thing. Our landlords, and neighbors have some sort of way they get it, but it sounds like we would have to switch cell phone carriers, NO WAY!
So I will still blog, but photos might not be so easy. We are trying to solve the issue very, very soon!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Big 3. and Ten on Tuesday

Ten things I am thankful for, anything but moving edition:

1. Starry nights.
2. Fall chill in the air.
3. Mandarin oranges.
4. Pumpkin flavored everything.
5. Warm soup on a cold day.
6. My crockpot, to help make that soup.
7. Provision
8. Tums, rolaids etc.
9. Cereal and really cold milk.
10. Fireplaces.


Monday, October 26, 2009


I mentioned the other day how many times we have moved. I should point out that since I have homeschooled Spencer since Kindergarten he has never had to attend new schools and switch teachers and all that. We switched "schools" once, from a private ISP to a local public one. The only reason we did that was so he could attend elective classes and have some extra training in areas that we might not have the supplies always available. He loves those classes, art, dance, science and web design. He is inter mingled with 3 or more grades most of the time for good social balance. None of this will change when we move, the consistency of education has really worked for us.

Someday we might be called to place him in public school, I hope if we are, that the Lord will provide us with one location.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


The 3ish car garage is not attached to the house. It has sliding doors kinda like a barn. It's interesting to say the least. A large office and a smaller office were created when the owners still ived here and ran their business from the home. This is before they built the their new house on the property. Over the years as various people rented this house they used it for different things. The smaller office looks like it was used for storage, of maybe car things, not sure. The larger one, at one point, was used as a playroom. Right now it just looks like a home for cobwebs and dirt. A major cleaning is in order, and some painting. We are gathering supplies and gearing up. It's an interesting thing to finally have a space that we have freedom to decorate, and utilize for a music studio. We want it cool, and comfortable. It has to be completely usable as well. Right now it has cement flooring, so carpet is being sought. All of this is of course on a budget of ZERO. For zero, perhaps up to $10 we will transform this space.

When it is finished I will post before and after photos.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Holy Smokes Batman, we have a lot to do!

I just wanted to take a minute to mention the pears.
The property this new house sits on is next to a property that used to be a Pear orchard. The county made him chop down the majority of the trees when it was no longer being farmed. The owner, however, being a nice guy, left the entire row that butts up to the the owners, and the renters, can enjoy fresh pears.
How cool is that?

Kindness and generosity go along way.

Friday, October 23, 2009


A WEEK! A week left until we actually get to live in the new place.

I know...
you are tired of hearing about this. But seriously, we live breathe and practically eat move, there isn't much else to blog about for me currently.

But let me say this,
I know a family. Long story short, they are hurting financially. They have applied for some assistance, especially medically. It was taking awhile to process, so they thought, well. we could get food stamps in the mean time, that way it could maybe leave enough to see a Dr. and get the Advair one of them know, to breathe.
They were denied...know why?

Their 22 year old daughter attend a private university.

Apparently there is a rule. Thing is, this is one extremely determined kid they had, who worked her butt off growing up to earn every scholarship and other award through 4-H, AWANA, and any other program so she could go to just such a university. One year she paid something like $1.52 to attend a private university, $1.52!!That's not even a gallon of milk.
Yet, there is no investigation, there is no re-course to prove that her attending this college isn't draining the money they could use on food.

How many people cheat or work the system so they don't have to really work or do anything everyday, and yet a real family who hit hard times is totally denied for being honest?

Makes me scratch my head in bewilderment.

In the mean time some prayer for asthma, injured legs with life long issues, and general prayer for my friends would be appreciated.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Eight days.

I should mention that the sale from Saturday went really well. I sold some scarves, and some jewelry I had left over from when I used to sell it. I also sold books, stuffed animals, and a giant box of Lincoln Logs. Which are very cool and I loved as a kid, but we have enough Legos and other building sets around here already.

I ended up also scoring a room heater for Aaron new music studio. This was a huge blessing let me tell you. We had just priced them the day before and it was the same kind, and only $5, vs around $70. I also bought a push broom and hedge trimmers.

Life is good.

(and apparently it doesn't take much to make me happy)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Nine days! I am so excited. We have so much to do, but I don't care, the thought of doubling our square footage, and getting out own bathroom is so incredible, it keeps the moving process from getting overwhelming.

God is so good, and kind.
Have I mentioned my love of hydrangeas? There's a plant int he yard.
Have I mentioned that in every home we have owned I took out the basic faucet and replaced it with one with the sprayer built in? This house has it. In fact I didn't know it at first until I washed off some grapes from the yard...I almost cried.

He is that good.
We matter to him. And though my JOY does not come from stuff and things, He is kind enough to throw in a few things that I do love and enjoy....

I have done nothing to earn it, or deserve it, His grace and mercy are amazing, and I am thankful.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ten On Tuesday

Ten things I am thankful for, no particular order.
1.Glorious Weather.
2. Miracles.
3. Maturity in my almost 20 year old daughters. (Not all the time, but I am seeing some major impressive things lately)
4. My Co-workers, they are awesome.
5. Laura DuPriest, I know her personally, but she does have a hair and skin line, very impressive stuff.
6. A voice with which to sing sing praises, and a place to do so all the time!
7. Well trained dogs.
8. Fabulous friends that teach me about generosity.
9. A working shoulder.
10. Our new house.

What are you thankful for?

Monday, October 19, 2009


This is Spencer at 6 months old. First move.

And this is Spencer now...all packed up and ready to go.

Well, he needs his Legos too. His books are already in the new house.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Today, all day, I will be sitting outside trying to sell some stuff. Our church is sponsoring a "Community Lot Sale and Coat drive". The coats are being donated to Salvation Army who helps those in need. The money to rent your space to sell stuff is being donated to them as well for their REACH program to help those in need pay off their heating bills. This program works with our local energy provider. So I will sit outside, and maybe get a little chilly, to help keep someone warm this winter.

During my non-blogging time (and break from Face Book as well) I made several new scarves and some hats as well to try and sell this weekend. We cleaned out Spencer's stuffed animals and little kid books, keeping some favorites(including all Boyton books) for when I am a grandma, many, many, years from now. As I pack and clean out the garage I will keep in mind what might bring in a dollar or two.

I might not have much compared to some...but I am rich in comparison to so many. God will always provide for my needs, maybe not my wants, but all that I need. So I'm working on getting rid of fear of not having enough, and stepping out to share more generously with those that need it.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Stuff, And More Stuff

I have a plan.
We have been given permission to move stuff into the new place, as long as we don't actually live there until the date agreed upon. This makes me very happy. To me, this means less stress. The whole . "Let's move it all in one day" is crazy. I have moved far too many times, sometimes while Aaron was on to Japan, (I am not even kidding). I don't like the stress of it.
So. I figure, take a few boxes, empty the bookcases, oops, get a few more boxes, keep emptying the shleves...dang, ran out of boxes again. Okay, finish packing up all the books, and plants and photos from the shelves and then take the bookcases an boxes straight over to the new house, put into place, unpack the boxes and bring them back home. repeat with DVD's, CD's, kitchen gear, etc. Byt the day we move we should have only some suitcases, one bok of basic kitchen gear, food and air mattresses...


Rainy season has apparently started.

I am still going to try my hardest to make this work. I want this place clean as a whistle before we are out. I need it to be less stressful. This is such a positive move for us all, and we are excited about it. With all the moves I have made, you'd think I am a pro...wait, I am a pro. I know what I am doing. I KNOW how to pack dishes and odd ball pieces. I know why my husband insists on keeping the boxes to any electronics we purchase. Boy howdy is that smart for us. I am a Tetris queen when packing up a box, trunk or truck. I am good at this, but I'd rather be baking you some cookies. Is that okay?

What was I talking about?
Oh, moving. :)
We just need enough non-rainy days and we will be good. I am going to go paint the new office when we can't move stuff. It will all work out.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Brief History of our Moves

I am not sure where to start. My whole life? Just as an adult? Just as a parent?

I'll start when I married Aaron, but keep in mind we have been married 10 1/2 years...I had moved 9 times with my daughters in the 9 years prior.

04-1999, We get married...He moves in with us.
04-2001, We move to a rental home in Ramona, 6 month old Spencer in tow.
10-01, We purchase our first home and move in, in Ramona.
05-04, Just as we nail the last baseboard in of our new pergo like flooring and re-faced kitchen, we sell and move into something bigger so Aaron's family can live with us. (This was a good thing)
07-05, New job, move to AZ, into a parsonage.
10-05, Purchase home in AZ.
6-06, New job, move to Galt, Ca.
07-07, New Job, move to current town, first in with another family, and then our current little home.
10-09, Move to a better home in current town.

Spencer just turned 9, this will be his 8th home, 9th if you count the time we lived with another family. We would like to hang out in this next place a really long time. It has everything that we need. Maybe we can beat our record of 2 1/2 years.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dumpster Diving

Not too far from my house, located next to an off ramp area of the freeway, is a field with large dumpsters. These are provided for cardboard recycling. No one works there, it's just a nice place to go and dump your cardboard.

I'm moving, really, really soon.

We totally hit the dumpsters for clean usable cardboard boxes yesterday, because today it was predicted to rain all day, hard. Which it did.

Don't gross out, remember, cardboard only, no garbage, no stinky ickness to contend with. We scored some very nice, clean, safe, no smoke, no cat pee, perfect for moving books and whatnot boxes. FOR FREE...AND I will totally return them to be recycled when I am fact, I AM recycling them right now!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Triuphantish Return

I'm moving.
Last Wednesday I received a call, out of the blue, and now we are moving across town.
Just like that...
Well, okay not just like that.
There was some sweat and prayers and excited moments combined with terror.
But in the end, we made a choice.

SO good bye tiny but adorable 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house.

You read that? 2 bathrooms!
And indoor laundry room, that's right, no more creepy back of the cellar like garage for me soon. I can hardly wait.

The best part?
The 3+ car garage has a section that was made into 2 offices. Perfect set up for a music studio for Aaron.

This is good stuff
I will finally have room for overnight guests. YAY!