Tuesday, September 9, 2008

That's My Bag.

Waiting, as we all know, is part of life. Doctor visits, Dentists, hair salons, auto repairs and oil changes, popular restaurants,kid's sports practice or music lessons, your husband's gigs and rehearsals, Oh, what? You don't have those? Sometimes, when I am waiting, I sit and do nothing. That's right, nothing. Oh sure I breathe, and my mind races with thoughts and ideas, blogs and things to remember. Sometimes I pray, and if the surroundings are quiet enough, sometimes I listen for God.


I keep a very small notebook in my purse for blog ideas and other writing that I need to do. But when the amount of time has the possibility of being a looooooong time I try to remember to bring -My Bag-. This bag serves not only an anti-boredom purpose, but also in case of emergencies as well.

I chose a small leather like tote with an internal pocket and sturdy sides. You can pick whatever you want. I kept mine compact to save space and to limit the weight potential. I fill it with stuff like this:

Magazine with articles I didn't have time to read.
Current projects I am working on (from forms to fill out to crocheting)
Small devotional book, no time like the present.
Notebook, for writing.
Writing instruments, good ones, that I love to use.
Colored pencils
Gum and or mints
Snack, nothing that would melt, because ick. I had a giant lump of a fruit snack once, it tasted good, but looked awful.
Bottled water and a few flavor packets for my hubby who hates water.
Safety Pins, always.
Adhesive strips, Latex free. (AKA "Band-Aids")

YES, it all fits.

If my son is coming with us I make a backpack for him as well with Lego parts, snacks(never chocolate in them, too much melting and clean up),Maybe a couple character figures(small ones) and race cars. He loves to read so I make sure he has a novel and one comic, like Garfield.

My bag often lives in the car and is brought in occasionally for revamping.

Example of melted fruit snacks:

And that's what works for me.For more fabulous ideas head over to Shannon's Place.


Misty said...

Nice... I keep a similar bag.

Homesteader in Training said...

LOL! I love the melted fruit snacks! Great ideas!

Dena said...

okay, your 'bag' sounds like my purse!

Anonymous said...

A grown up Bag O Fun! I always take one for my children when we're out and about, I never thought about making one for me. Probably because I'm very rarely without them, lol! Blessings, Whitney

Amy from Occupation: Mommy said...

That's a great idea! I should put a bag in my car for waiting for my daughter after school.

weeble said...

You could put it all in a box on the front seat (since kiddos don't sit there) and just add to it when necessary!

Crayl said...

AN UPDATE. I looked in my thrift store bought bag, it is actually real leather, and an Ann Taylor at that, I didn't realize.
Also, Weeble: I have kids old enough to sit in the front, but that would have been a good idea many , many years ago.

Sherry said...

Thta is a great idea!! I'm definitely going to put one together. :D

Heather said...

I love the melted fruit snack! It's too funny, because right now I have hairy gummy bears floating around in the bottom of my bag (hairy because the bag is one I crocheted). I might still eat them if I get hungry enough...

Great tip!