Monday, September 29, 2008

Ten On Tuesday, SUPER SPECTACULAR edition

This weeks super, special, sensational and sentimental Ten On Tuesday is brought to you by the letter S. This post is a little longer than usual, Mr. Linky is still down below, join in! And as a warning to my lovely daughters, skip #2. Seriously

In order...but in count down form:

10. Sassy Shoes
9. Silliness
8. Skates. I spent many hours of my childhood skating in make believe shows with dear friends (Hi Heidi!)
7. Sting, the musician.
6. Selah, which means, think, for a moment, about the value of what was just said.
5. Social skills, teach your children well...please!
4. Singing, songs, and saxophones.
3. Stillness, Be still and know that I am God....In the quiet you will find rest.
2. Shhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!SEX. Yep, with my HUSBAND. Okay, now my girls are grossing out. And since one thing leads to another...
1. SPENCER. Today is Spencer's 8th birthday. I did not plan this spectacular coincidence, I realized it last week while working on R's. How Special, a dual post!

He has charmed many people along his journey of life. With giant cheeks and a personality of graciousness and love. He is smart, witty and imaginative as well as gifted in music, creativity, empathy and prayer. He has spoken of his future wife and his future kids since he was about 2, she is going to be a blessed woman.
He is my only son, he is my youngest. Happy Birthday to my Superduper Son Spencer!

What is your S list of thankfulness?
Share with us! :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008


I am not home right now, but if you please leave me a massage, I mean a message, no wait, I mean a massage, yeah, a nice long one with soothing music and maybe some hot stones or something. Hmmm, and while you're at it something yummy to sip on, like iced tea, and some strawberries with a little bit of whipped cream. Sounds great, I need that, I need that so very much I could just cry...sigh
Where was I?
Oh, I am not here, leave a message.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Things I Know.

Things I know:
1. God loves me.
2. God loves you.
3. Jesus died for everyone, so that you can actually have a relationship with God, who loves you.
4. My husband loves me.
5. I love my husband, alot.
6. I have 3 kids alive here on earth.
7. I love my kids, alot.
8. Ice cream is absolutely delicious. :)

To Be continued....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mustache Alley

I have shared my mustache photos with you before, but I thought I'd add to the fun by sharing some my friends. I won't make an album from these (maybe, muwahaha), BUT I WILL SHARE THEM ON THE INTERNET!

Daughter J

Friend Missy Shell

Sister, daughter J, niece P, daughter A.

Hey, how did he get in there! (B-I-L)

Yaya friend L

Niece N

Friend H


Friend L

Friend E, aka "Chuck"

Daughter A with Honey T baby like mama, aka Thany...

Niece K

Niece L

A and R :) Petite Yayas

Oh, and this one too, albeit not a mustache, but just as silly.

For more amazing photo fun, or to link your own not worthy of an album photos head over to Kristen's, We Are That Family

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cheap Dirt Catcher

My son LOVES to play outside. When he plays, he plays hard so we started having "yard shoes" to prevent his good shoes from getting ruined so quickly. He had cowboy boots last winter/rainy season and flip flops and old slide on tennis shoes for warmer, dryer weather. As with most kids across the world, dirt follows him back into the house. The yard shoes live by the back door. We have no fancy mud room, we live in a tiny (lovable) house. So I improvised, and I don't mean I bought something fancy from The Pottery Barn catalog, even though I'd like too. I used a simple cheap plastic place mat.
Yep, that's it, a place mat saves the carpet. I added one later to the wall, since he kinda kicks his shoes off and hits the wall making little dirt smudges. Easy to wipe clean, no need to launder like a rug, plus the space was much to small for that anyway. I have seasonal ones for Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as general ones that match the colors in my house. This happens to be the Spiderman set.

That's what works for me(us)
Need more ideas? Head over to Rock's In my Dryer.
Have a tip to share? Head over to Rock's In My Dryer.

Ten On Tuesday , R Edition

Radical, riddling rhetoric of randomness.
(I feel like that should have "Batman" after it)

Ten things I am thankful for, letter R.
No particular order.

1. Rhetoric, well spoken or written words, YES!
2. Randomness, Oh! Look, something shiny!
3. Reassurance, we all need it, I am thankful to receive it.
4. Red, I love the color red, and specifically the current "Kitchen Aid" red.
5. Ravioli, delightful pockets of yumminess!
6. Resurrection of Christ Jesus. It is the pivotal moment in my faith, my salvation and the salvation offer for everyone on this earth. He died a horrible death in place of each and every person and offers salvation, and eternity in heaven for anyone willing to receive the gift, freely given.
7. Reflections, both to see ourselves literally, and figuratively.
8. Rain, what it does, how it smells (when unpolluted), the mood it brings.
9. Reasoning, separates us from so many other things here on earth.
10. Razors, easy to use, completely effective removers of unwanted hair. Can I hear an amen?

Join me in thankfulness! It's fun! It's easy! It's the letter R!

:)Philippians 4:6-7 (New International Version)

6) Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7) And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Things I Miss

Things I miss.

1. Random movies on TV. We don't have TV signal (or cable or anything) so I don't get to see random old movies, I kinda miss them. Especially on a day like today, the weather is a little cool, we are cleaning the house, a random movie in the background would be great.

2. My family being all together. I love watching my girls grow up and become adults and take on the world, but I miss the "Usness". I miss living in the same city, or city next door to my parents and some siblings(both by blood and by choice).

3. Frosty Kone in Lone Pine, Ca...We would stop, get a soft serve and play at the park across the street on our way to or from vacation. Now my parents live in that little town, and NO FROSTY KONE. So wrong.

4. Regular paychecks, not just for the money...for planning and true budgeting. I miss figuring it out and sticking to it.

5. Loving salads. You know, nothing makes something less appealing than HAVING to eat it allll the time. I would still love a big fancy salad from a restaurant, but we can't afford that right now.

6. Bond/movie night and Wives, two on going events with a group of friends that have made such a strong impact on my life. These people have been through it with us, and supported us. We can be serious or ridiculously silly. It's wonderful, and I miss the monthly get togethers we used to have when we all lived in the San Diego area. Now we are in 3 different states, 5 different cities.

Why bring this up? Not to be sad, but to be thankful. I may miss these things, but I am so incredibly thankful that at one time I was able to experience them. I am blessed. Life is a journey, always moving, always changing. I am okay with that.

How about you? What do you miss?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Home Is Where Mom Is, (for once).

I spent all day at home yesterday, all day. I had no appointments, no rehearsals, no kids to take or pick up from anything, no work or meetings....nada, zip, nothing.

I am amazed at how much I got done.
I am also amazed at how much I DIDN'T get done.
It really is a never ending job (that I love).

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Now that I am all warmed up...
*************UPDATE AT BOTTOM OF PAGE**************

Marky over at Wheat Free Clan tagged me for a meme.:) THANKS MARKY!

The requirements are to answer the following questions:

1. Where is your cell phone? In my purse, over there.

2. Where is your significant other? On the sofa watching Charlotte's Web with our son.

3. Your hair color? Auburn....and gray.:(

4. Your mother? Living in the shadow of Mt. Whitney.

5. Your father? Same place as mom.

6. Your favorite thing? Spending happy , fun time with my family.

7. Your dream last night? Don't remember.

8. Your dream/goal? Debt free and using all my God given gifts to their fullest.

9. The room you’re in? Dining room/computer room.

10. Your hobby? Reading blogs, crocheting scarves.

11. Your fear?

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Alive and happy.

13. Where were you last night? Worship team practice.

14. What you’re not? skinny.

15. One of your wish-list items? Black photo frames to replace all my current frames.

16. Where you grew up? CA

17. The last thing you did? Loaded dishwasher.

18. What are you wearing? "At home pants" ahhhhhhh

19. Your TV? RCA that someone gave us.

20. Your pet? NA

21. Your computer? no idea

22. Your mood? Does the word 'Upheaval' mean anything? But I am still blessed and highly favored....

23. Missing someone? yes.

24. Your car? One white, one teal .

25. Something you’re not wearing? Make-up or shoes, never in the house.

26. Favorite store? None lately.

27. Your summer? Whirlwind...figuratively speaking.

28. Love someone? Lots of someones!

29. Your favorite color? RED

30. When is the last time you laughed? Not too long ago.

31. Last time you cried? today

The other requirement is to tag others, see below, and for them to save and insert the cute "I love you blog' picture above into their own post.
I tag:
Missy Shell
Mrs Doozleberry (aka. Fishbowl)

Friday, September 19, 2008


I strayed off my eating plan, a lot, this summer with the arrival of my daughter back into our home, and her job at Marie Cellendar's. She receives a really good deal on pie, maybe too good.

She is on a little trip visiting and I have jumped back on my good eating wagon. While doing so I looked up the calorie count of the aforementioned pies.

1 slice=1/5 of the pie:
Lemon Meringue, , 547
Apple, 863
Chocolate Cream, 535

And that's why my pants are tight. I am back on the wagon!

Anyone want to join me?

You still have time!! It takes 21 days to form a new habit, start now and be different, healthier, slimmer, stronger, smoke free, more prayer full, better educated or informed... whatever!

42 days until Halloween, and for some candy within reach.
70 days until Thanksgiving, and the start of a 5-15 pound gain for most Americans.
99 days until Christmas.
106 Days until 2009, and NEW resolutions, maybe now is a good time to remember the old ones if you happen to make any.

106 days from now will come, no matter what you choose to do. I am choosing to be different by the time we roll over to 2009, how about you?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

He Lurks In The Night

My son is a very creative kid. He can come up with fabulous stories, interesting characters and live action scenes.

My kid also takes after his parents in being a night owl.

Put those two things together and guess what happens?


Upon hearing noise after bedtime I opened the door to his room and took a flash photo, he was dressed and acting out some story he had come up with. Please take note to the Superman chest plate "S"...on his forehead, this especially made me laugh.

Check out more crazy non photo album worthy fun at Kristen's!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Smell This"

If you have ever looked in the fridge and found leftovers and thought "How old is this, can we still eat it?" try this. We have a small magnetic notepad with the days of the week, some people write their menus ahead of time, aren't they great? I try to plan, but our crazy life changes things, ...ALOT, so I write in what we ate for dinner sometimes on the day itself.
The list serves more than one purpose, meal ideas and planning, even if the days change, but then, I keep last weeks menu I know how old things are in the fridge. So when you open the foil you know how old it is and if it's safe to eat.
Works For Me.
Want better ideas for living?
Try Shannon's place, HERE.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ten On Tuesday, Q

Ten things I am thankful for that start with the letter Q!

No particular order.

1. Quiche, delicious.
2. Quiet, peaceful, restful, sometimes necessary.
3. Quakes, a little shake up now and then isn't so bad. Of course there is the kind in a bag all covered with cheese flavor too.
4. Quail, are cute.
5. Quotes, so many to share!If only I had a place to share them... oh, wait.
6. Quench my thirst. Water is my number one choice.
7. Quickly....when things happen quickly it is so wonderful...except our babies growing up, or moments of bliss passing. I am still thankful for other things being quick.
8. Quality. Honest, good for the money quality.
9. Questionnaires, FUN!
10. Quest...."What is your Name? What is your Quest? What is your favorite color?"

Join me, you'll feel better, even if you didn't feel bad to begin with. Thankfulness is healing and restful to the soul.

It's easy! Ten things you are thankful for. Take the challenge and make it all words that start with the letter Q if you wish . NEXT WEEK IS R! Remember and plan ahead.


This is it. Post 100!
And you are here to witness it, thank you, you rock!

I wanted to make sure this was a good post, a fine post, a post that made a difference and changed the world, but that's not going to happen, at least not today. So I will settle for a post that makes you think, gets you wondering or helps you see another point of view....
Yeah, not feeling that either.

I am at a loss. Too much pressure I suppose. Ask me for a list of things I need in general during the year, I could write it for you, but ask me around my birthday or Christmas, and I slightly panic and stumble out the word,"nothing". Yet, in college I could churn out a fabulously written paper at the last minute, if I knew my subject matter and had all my notes lines up, which I always did. And here in lies the problem I suppose. I only figured out that 100! was about to arrive at the end of post 97. I glanced over and low and behold the number 97 sat there being all happy and 97ish. Well what do you know...and I just used my last great draft.

You know what will happen, right? Tomorrow....wait, that's my Ten On Tuesday day Links ..okay, Wens, no, that's "Works For Me Wens", hosted by Shannon...okay wait, "Fro Me To You" By Kristen...Shoot, FRIDAY?...FRIDAY! I will get some fantastic blog idea and be ready for my 100, except then it will be 104, and no big whoop.

Oh well.
I will plan now for 200, it'll be good I tell ya, it will be fabulous!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Air Typo

My husband turned off the DVD had been watching and walked towards me saying, "So, what are you doing?"
I know he is asking if I am staying up longer or going to bed soon, but a line from that waazzzuup commercial is in my mind, except a little fuzzy, and while I pondered the possible correct words he said, "Nothing, just reading the paper drinking a Bud?"
"That's the line!", I said enthusiastically, "I wanted to say that but I forgot the line, but I knew I was drinking something"
He raised an eyebrow, "Maybe that's why you forgot"
"All that 'drinking""...and he used finger quotes exactly like I typed it, one finger on one hand and two on the other.

"You can't do it like that, that's a typo!"

And we laughed, and I immediately told him I was going to blog this.
And for the record,he had pistachio shells in his hand AND NO ALCOHOL AT ALL was consumed, we were just kidding.

40 or Less Friday.

Feed, frumpy, feed,
Float, flit, fly.

Or a mustache!
Happy Friday! And to my blog friends in the path of Ike, we're praying for you!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Straight up, yo!

About 2 years ago, I am guessing from which house this photo was taken in, my daughters grabbed their little brother and used a flat iron on his hair. In the past he has mentioned haircuts he wanted that were definitely for a boy with straight hair, which he has nearly none. Here, for comparison, is a close up of his perfectly wonderful curls.

Here are the results of the flat iron. A photo he is not too happy exists. Too bad kid, your mom's a blogger.

For other non photo album worthy fun head over to Kristen's

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

That's My Bag.

Waiting, as we all know, is part of life. Doctor visits, Dentists, hair salons, auto repairs and oil changes, popular restaurants,kid's sports practice or music lessons, your husband's gigs and rehearsals, Oh, what? You don't have those? Sometimes, when I am waiting, I sit and do nothing. That's right, nothing. Oh sure I breathe, and my mind races with thoughts and ideas, blogs and things to remember. Sometimes I pray, and if the surroundings are quiet enough, sometimes I listen for God.


I keep a very small notebook in my purse for blog ideas and other writing that I need to do. But when the amount of time has the possibility of being a looooooong time I try to remember to bring -My Bag-. This bag serves not only an anti-boredom purpose, but also in case of emergencies as well.

I chose a small leather like tote with an internal pocket and sturdy sides. You can pick whatever you want. I kept mine compact to save space and to limit the weight potential. I fill it with stuff like this:

Magazine with articles I didn't have time to read.
Current projects I am working on (from forms to fill out to crocheting)
Small devotional book, no time like the present.
Notebook, for writing.
Writing instruments, good ones, that I love to use.
Colored pencils
Gum and or mints
Snack, nothing that would melt, because ick. I had a giant lump of a fruit snack once, it tasted good, but looked awful.
Bottled water and a few flavor packets for my hubby who hates water.
Safety Pins, always.
Adhesive strips, Latex free. (AKA "Band-Aids")

YES, it all fits.

If my son is coming with us I make a backpack for him as well with Lego parts, snacks(never chocolate in them, too much melting and clean up),Maybe a couple character figures(small ones) and race cars. He loves to read so I make sure he has a novel and one comic, like Garfield.

My bag often lives in the car and is brought in occasionally for revamping.

Example of melted fruit snacks:

And that's what works for me.For more fabulous ideas head over to Shannon's Place.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Ten On Tuesday, P

Ten things I am thankful for , the letter P.

No Particular order.

1. Poppies, California Poppies are just such a happy flower, popping up everywhere.
2. Pineapple.
3. Pine Trees, the smell, the shush the wind makes while blowing through the needles.
4. Persimmons, particularly Japanese ones. So delicious.
5. Panties, because if someone didn't invent them we'd be wearing bloomers.
6. Politeness. More Please.
7. Parameters, and knowing when to stay in them, and when to bust out.
8. Pepe Le Pew, I always wanted him to be unscented so that the ladies would like him.
9. Paul, man of amazing faith.
10. Pens and Paper,GOOD Pens and pretty or funky, or interesting Paper and stores that sell a Plethora of pens and paper...

Join me, you'll feel better, even if you didn't feel bad to begin with. Thankfulness softens the heart, and lets love flow more freely.

It's easy! Ten things you are thankful for. Take the challenge and make it all words that start with the letter P if you wish . NEXT WEEK IS Q. START NOW!

I am also thankful for PARTICIPANTS!

Bring Phillip

My husband's career often lands us in a multitude of churches. I attend with him when I can, he enjoys my company and I enjoy a little adventure and seeing new places. I have learned to have a small bag with me with things I may need , not only for myself but for my husband as well. I will posting a list of those items Wednesday if you are interested. But yesterday I realized that something is missing from my bag (actually I didn't have my bag at all, but that's another story).

A Phillips head screwdriver.

Not for music gear.
Not for car repair.

For Church Chair Repair. While I sat listening to the rehearsal I noticed a loose screw so I tightened it with my fingers as best I could, then I noticed another loose one, and another.

It was a big sanctuary, I could have occupied myself for some time, but my fingers were already red and aching. The thought occurred to me, "If only I had a screwdriver". As I pondered about it I realized how many churches I have been in, and how many of them have loose screws in their chairs, especially if you are a church in the box like mine is. Set up and tear down is notorious for loosening screws right out of chairs.
I have a solution.
Once a month, during say, offering, or a solo maybe. Give each person on the end of the row a screwdriver, then have them tighten the screws in front of them and pass it along to the next person. Problem solved.

Just remember: Righty Tighty.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blog Calling



"Hello? Who's this?"

"You called me"

"[Kah]You don't know your own cousin?"

I rack my brain for a moment. None of my cousins have my current phone number, because we don't really talk to each other, we aren't close. Then I think, maybe it's for my daughter, so it's actually one of my brain tries to wrap around the attitudenal voice...nope, no matches.

She continues...
"Is this Melissa?"


"Wait, what?"

"No, this isn't Melissa, no one lives here with that name"

"Oh my [gosh] I am so sorry, I mis-dialed"

"That's okay"

"My Bad, so sorry"

She actually said a bit more. It was interesting how one moment she was all up in my grill about not knowing who she was and then completely sweet and apologetic when she realized, I in fact was not who SHE thought I was. The whole thing made me laugh and I immediately thought "I have to blog this", so I did. Now I am trying to figure out how to tie this into some great illustration of how God works, or God's love. Isn't it interesting how that happens? QUICK, transform that basic occurrence into a blog,or a bible study illustration...or the big show, SERMON STORY.

"A woman received a phone call one morning..."

Wouldn't that be the ultimate complement, a little story about a wrong number hitting pulpits across America? They all get these stories from somewhere. I would often notice similarities in sermon series, and sermon stories from friends that went to churches in the same conference. Three different churches, all similar stuff, who's feeding them? How does one write for such things? Is there a magazine, a newsletter, an E-Zine?

I will have to find out.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Try, Try Again.

A couple of years ago, while we lived in Arizona, we had the opportunity to have an on stage community event. Vivian from Out Of The Box came and helped us put on an Out Of the Box like production. Spencer was selected to be a kid on stage singing and whatnot. During "craft time" I tried very hard to get a photo of him sitting next to Vivian. I only had a phone camera (that's still all I have) so it was my only hope of really getting a shot.

So I tried....

And tried again,

and again, so close....


She was very gracious, and charming, and sweet, and petite. She took pictures with all the kids afterwards, and someone with a really great camera took a picture of them together, which I have never seen.

For more photo album unworthiness head over to Kristen's place.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wish It Worked For Me.

Okay blogland, here's the deal. My son's handwriting needs help. The kid excels at everything else, but we are having trouble. He is turning 8 soon. He is a right handed person, that holds his pencil and arm like he is left handed, as in, he writes over the letters. We correct, we turn the page, we correct and turn the page again. It is frustrating for everyone involved. We have tried a very special grip, which worked a bit but then we were told to not keep using it or he will be dependent on always HAVING to use it.
SO I ask you.
Is there hope?
What worked for you?
We are hoping cursive is better, so far in the exercises leading up to it he is doing well (loops and whatnot).

Again I ask: What worked for you?

To help others and their problems head over to Rocks In My Dryer.

Monday, September 1, 2008

The O List

Ten things I am thankful for, O edition.

1. One, One and Only true God, One love, One Heart, My One and Only. So many applications and truths.
2. Ocean, I love the sounds, I love the greatness, I am not crazy about going in it, I admit. But it's still amazing.
3. Origami
4. Obi-Wan Kanobi
5. Onions, sautéed, grilled, ringed, or bloomed, I'd miss them if they disappeared.
6. Out houses, they are an improvement over a bush or tree or a rock, or some dirt out in the open, I think you get my point.
7. Outrageous, love that word. Oh, and Oodles.
8. Ornaments, in December, for Christmas. Ahhhhhhhh.
9. Omelets, yet another holder of cheesy goodness.
10.Oneders. Not the "O Need Ers", the "One Ders". Good flick.

Join me in thankfulness.
A simple list of ten things.
This week is the letter O, next week P, but any list of things you are thankful for will do. Thanks for stopping by!

Not That House. THIS House.

You know that one house in each neighborhood, the one that all the kids want to hang out? Some of you are THAT HOUSE. Some of you want to never be THAT HOUSE. I personally want to be That House....but NOT for kids, NOT for Teens, but for...

Spontaneous outbursts of songs and creativity and rocking jam sessions.
Not 24/7 mind you, that's just crazy talk.

We had a jam session in the living room last night. Full drum set, bass and electric acoustic guitar. It was delightful.

Yes, it would be good to have a real studio space for such things. Yes, it would be nice if we had more than our tiny living room...BUT it worked, and it was fun, and entertaining and a good ending to the day.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you; On drums, Mel Flores. On electric acoustic guitar, my daughter, Alyssa, and on bass and vocals, my husband, Aaron.

Background vocals provided by yours truly (Not in photo).