Wednesday, April 15, 2015

So Wasteful

This is simply a rant.
We had to sign up for insurance this year.
We have 3 currently in our family, we listed who is head of household, spouse and kid, all with the same address...

We all received identical packets in the mail, even though one form could be turned in for the whole family. 3 copies of each letter, each list, and worse, each booklet.

We received 3 letters of welcome, 3 letters of "Do you need help" , and three of "We don't have your answer yet".

Then, after choosing, we received three letters saying we would receive more things in the mail.
Then the insurance cards came, in three separate envelopes, which this one I can understand a little more.

Then 3 giant provider handbooks showed up, all separate, but rubber banded together.

Envelopes, postage, work hours, trees!

It would take a small box to check saying we only need one per the family, how much could be saved?

To top this off, while trying to choose I called the number given to in that literature (three times), and the person on the end of the line couldn't answer any of my questions, said I had to call each provider myself.
I ask out right what was his purpose if he didn't have any information.
"I answer questions about how to fill out the form"

It is your name and which provider you choose, as in, you check a little box.

Rant done, but I am shaking my head.

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