Friday, April 17, 2015

A Different Kind of Skill Set

In my recent job searches I have discovered a great lack on my part of some very desirable skills. For instance, code writing, web design, and IT skills.

I beat myself up all last week as the fabulous sounding work places demanded skills I just don't have at this time. I am outmoded.

I became depressed. For real.
Fresh faced hipster software ninjas are ruling the world apparently.

There are some pretty amazing personality type break downs out there in the world. Let's face it, we all want to be understood. These formulas break people down into categories, you are this and that and your spouse is this polar opposite thing. You know the ones. Some of them even clearly define who would get along best with who. Which leads me to :

SKILL 1: Mediator
I test in the middle on many of these tests. I flit between introvert and extravert by one point all the time. I test evenly between odd types, logic and emotion, concrete and abstract. You know what that means? It means I speak your language...which one? ALL OF THEM. Well maybe not all, but many. I am an excellent communicator, and better still, translator. Type A not able to effectively communicate with  Type B? I am your person. I understand both sides and can usually help each side see more clearly what the other one is talking about.

Over time one would recognize in me a great attention to detail, but sometimes in a unconventional way. I may notice what you are wearing, that there is a small tear, or stain, or perhaps you highlighted your hair. I don't mention I noticed, I just do. I perceive smells, moods, and atmosphere in a room. I also take mental note of things in the room, like photographic memory, which leads to the following two skills:

SKILL 2: Excellent finding capability
Need something? I can hunt it down. Lost something? I often find things for people. Been searching for just the right shade of blue, or lamp, or dress, document, rare book, statistic, poll, report, information of a medical condition, lost earring?...I have the skills. This includes physical or internet.

SKILL 3: Continuity. I may not catch all flaws in a movie, but I catch more than I'd like too. I wish I didn't because sometimes it just ruins the scene for me. Changing beverage or candle heights, right hand vs left, cloak buttoned or open. I am not perfect at this skill, and it would stress me out if tested, but it is a natural response to my surroundings, I simply notice things.

SKILL 4: Uplifting those who need it.
Some call this a pep talk, others encouragement. I call it speaking truth and telling it like it is. I not only help you see what I see, but help you come up with a plan to fulfill stuff. I may not be the best at implementing this on myself, but I have someone who does it for me as well. This is tied into skills 2 & 3, recognition of someones potential.

SKILL 5: Amazing Question Asker
Some over the top dreamers don't necessarily like this part of me...I ask the realistic questions on how to get to point Z from A. I ask for clarity, I ask so we can make a plan. I like big dreaming, but what good is a big dream if you never figure out how to get there? Logistics specialist. This skill works in tandem with skill 2 quite well.

These are just some highlights. I have a BA in Organizational Leadership  and office skills as well. I have a great phone voice and persona. I may not be able to write the newest viral app, but I am still valuable.

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Aaron Gayden said...

I love you! You DO have mad skills! I wish you'd see these things and more in you more often...