Monday, November 3, 2014

Took a Village Shower

Today (Sunday) was my daughter's bridal shower. I know it's Monday, but I wasn't home all day so let's all pretend this was posted yesterday, shall we?

My daughter is not a typical girly girl. Oh, she likes fashion and some things, but she can act like one of the boys, and often sounds like some of them (siiigh). But I love her.

She is shocking our socks off with a very girly color palette and wedding plans.

When we first spoke to her about a wedding shower she flat out said No!
After some figuring out why she didn't want one, we convinced her we could pull off one she would like.
We did a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" slant to the party. She loves Tiffany blue, we had tiny tiaras and sunglasses for all. We served brunch, including some Jenelle Favorites, spam, and "church jello", you know the kind. Jello salad always shows up at church functions, and she loves some of them. She draws the line at cottage cheese or veggies being involved.

So far this sounds pretty typical I am sure, this is where it differs. Instead of shower games we played a game called Five Crowns. It is a card game with elements of rummy. Because of the size of the group we split up in groups of 4 and then played Bunco style. For those that have never played Bunco, you switch tables depending if you won or lost the hand. This let everyone move around the room and mingle naturally with everyone else. It was a total success. The game is easy enough to teach new people with a little coaching, we just made sure when we started that there were experienced players at each table.
This made Jenelle super happy.

We have a family friend that attended the shower and played a prank on Jenelle. She bought a "flannel gown" and wrapped it up beautifully. Some of us knew ahead of time so we were ready to oo and aah and make comments along the line of "that's perfect for the honeymoon". My daughter was so polite, and simply thanked her for it, until we all giggled. It's nice to know I did something right in her upbringing. We all had a good laugh. She followed up the flannel with some perfectly picked "woowoo" items.

All in all, it was a delightful day. My daughter Alyssa did a great job decorating and with invitations and getting this together in less than 2 weeks. Yes, that quickly. My friend Nancy stepped up to the plate and helped us with food, she's cool like that. Another friend stepped up to donate her house, even though she is terrible ill with an ailment (non contagious), and another came and cleaned that house for the shower because she knew I had to sing that morning on worship team. It's nice to be surrounded by people that know how to serve each other, to make something happen, and pour love onto someone.

I am proud of them and treasure all of these relationships very deeply.

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