Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ten On Tuesday!

Long ago my main focus of this blog was gratitude. I did a Ten On Tuesday list every week, specifically of thanksgiving and praise and gratitude. Giving a moment to declare thanks to God for blessings.  Gratitude has gotten me through most of the hard parts of my life, so considering all that is going on here is a TOT list!

1. My husband, my rock. We are in this together and we are for each other.
2. My kids, and their lives and adventures.
3. Friends. Safe friends specifically, that I can word purge the deep dark stuff and they will still love me.
4. Traditions, and flexibility to let some go sometimes....this year is complicated, nothing will be what we would consider normal or tradition. But that's okay, because we can still have fun, enjoy the season and do new things. We can alwasy return to old things another time.
5. Cream puffs.
6. Paper, pens, books, and whatnot.
7. Figuring out gifts, and using them. As in what one is gifted to do...
8. Figuring out gifts, as in what to give someone. :) I love giving presents. I may not be able to give all I want, or to as many as I want, but I do love it when I get to!
9. Vision. To literally see, and to see what's not seen, or is yet to be.
10. Grace and Mercy. We all need it.

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