Friday, November 7, 2014

Suspense, ugh

A friend is blogging over DAYS on what's going on in her life, which seems like it is leading up to the announcement of a newly adopted daughter, perhaps, we don't know yet, she hasn't gotten that far. KNOCK IT OFF AND TELL US.
This is a real life friend too, not just someone I randomly read...

If it wasn't something so exciting I might be upset. Suspense is hard.
But isn't it for most of us? Waiting to find out what's next? Waiting to see if it all works out?
Instant gratification anyone?
Yeah, thought so.

I know I can trust God with my life and all the up in the air stuff, because in the end, if we stay faithful, it will all work out for good. And I don't mean American dream good, just good. These past few months I have had the rug pulled out from under me, I have been slapped in the face(figuratively), I have had seemingly wonderful possibilities and good situations fall through and everything replaced with UNKNOWNS.

Yes, I am yelling.
And rightly so.

I want a spoiler! I want someone to spill the beans (Hi Lord), I want a sneak peak....

But how is that trust and faith?
It isn't, that is relying on answers, and information, and situations.

I will remember the promises of God and carry on...even into the unknown.

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