Friday, November 28, 2014

So This Happened

After finishing a long over night shift at work (she works retail) my daughter entered her home, where she found us, her mom dad and little brother sitting in her living room.  She said a slight swear word under her breath. I expected it, she startles easily.
Ryan handed Spencer his phone and said here, it's on video.
Jenelle was heading across the room, but Ryan gentle grabbed her, "Come here".
"We're going to do this right now? I have to pee"

It's on the video, it will live on forever.

He took a knee and pulled out something sparkly from his pocket and asked my daughter to marry him.
She cried before the words got out of his mouth, and she said yes.

The wedding is in a month.

Sometimes the formal asking gets waylaid by a job that takes you away from home, and also from a maturing money CD that you have to wait for to buy the ring, because he is wise with money like that. 

We are happy, she's is very happy.

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