Saturday, November 29, 2014

One More Time!

The month is nearly over! I blogged (nearly) everyday! I honestly didn't think I could make it. With all that has gone on this month, including another (very fast) move, I honestly thought I would just fizzle out mid-month, but here I am! Writing this post, and one more tomorrow.

Can you tell I am tired?

I actually have a lot to say about life right now, but there is this privacy thing, because most of my stuff right now involves other people, and well, perhaps they don't want their lives all over the interwebs.

Also, some stuff in the works needs to be kept quiet, for the sake of others, we aren't out to hurt anyone, quit the opposite, we need to protect. Nothing is a done deal anyway.

I feel like I am juggling...
but not some "easy" three perfectly weighted balls, oh no. I am juggling a chainsaw, a raw egg, and a live cat, and maybe a wine glass too, just to make it interesting.
I think maybe I also have an eye patch on.

Just be a duck. Let it roll off your back.
Let it go.
Roll with the punches.
God's bigger than this.
Don't worry, be happy.


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