Thursday, November 20, 2014

On The Move

We are re-packing our bags and boxes.
Circumstances have changed for the people we are living with and they need the space we are occupying back.
So we are moving out.

I was going to do a post about where we were, but now it doesn't matter.
A post on how I don't really have a kitchen but with a few small appliances, I was still able to cook healthy meals.

A post about the wonders of an electric kettle, a toaster oven and my amazing rice cooker, it has a "saute and simmer" button. It was essential for cooking real food.

But now everything goes in a box. Most will go into storage as just clothing and computers (bills, schoolwork and Aaron's work gear) come with us to share one bedroom all together in someone's home.

Am I grateful? Oh yes.
I had two offers, but one is so far away from the places we have to be several times a week (17 trips minimum) that the gas would break the bank. Another option I thought might be available just couldn't say yes because of their well going dry and their septic failing. That is a sad truth, they have a lot to face. These friends,  have a small house, but big hearts and will have the space ready by Monday for moving in. So that's where we will be.

A few days before Thanksgiving.
A week off school but full of rehearsals because we only have 2 weeks as of tomorrow until the show. And no, not everyone has a costume yet. No stress there.


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