Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Life In These Hills

I have a daughter getting married, and due to his job the timing had to be quick before he was moved to a new location. So the wedding will be before the end of the year, SURPRISE.

This is on top of everything else in our life being turned upside down.

Some of this long tail involves other people and their lives, so I need to be vague to protect privacy, but I will try and sum it up for you three readers out there.

Our main source of income has hit an economic difficulty due to some issues (privacy).
Because of this our pay was drastically reduced, drastically.
At the same time gigs have also slowed way down, there is an ebb and flow to gigs, but overall they are fewer from a few years ago.
Our landlords also hit some financially issues and sold the house we were living in.
This coincided with us losing income. This is both good and bad, on the one hand we had to move out of a home we would longer be able to afford, but on the other hand, we didn't have an income high enough, nor the chunk of money needed for moving into a new place.
During this same time I was going to start working in the office of my Bowen Therapy instructors as a Bowen therapist with them, but long story short, that fell through. We still have a good relationship and she is trying to help me set up and work, it was a logistics issue

All the while we have been listening for God's word in all this. We feel like maybe we are supposed to be somewhere else. We don't know where and we don't know when but we are trying to stay open about it. Many people do not want us to go. They see the value of Aaron and his talents, we have dear friends...it's nice to be loved, but it doesn't change the fact that perhaps we are supposed to be elsewhere.

So far every door that would allow us to stay here has been shut. Not slammed in our faces, but gently closed with a not now, or no thank you.

We are living in the downstairs /slightly basementy part of a friends home. It's almost like having an apartment inside their house. They are wonderful people and this is such a blessing. We finally have great internet access, but now we are in a black hole with our cell phones...I guess we just traded those off.

So, I am grateful. So very thankful for the love and support and outright help of those here. I am trying to stay stress free, I know God has my back, I know He will guide us to what is next and what is right for us.

One daughter married, graduating soon from college and they will move away to start their lives somewhere farther way. Another daughter getting married and moving possibly across the world for a time (exciting and sad at the same time). Spencer is at an age that it would be hard to just move away from his amazing network of really great friends. These kids are really great kids. He is also in a great school/ISP charter.  It is not our desire to just uproot him, but I know God's plans are best.

Like I said, everything up in the air, uprooted, flipped over...

And amazingly, I am very calm.


MomOfDudes said...

I love that you are watching the doors in your life... I love what you said gently closed saying not now... I am going to steal that one... Praying for God to swing wide the doors for you and your family and make things easy peasy... Love you

Thany said...

Again, I say: Ugh.

But I love you!