Monday, November 3, 2014

About That Village

If you didn't read "yesterday's" post about my daughter's bridal shower, I mentioned how it took a village to throw it in less than two weeks.

There is a bigger village out there that helped me raise this kid, and her twin sister.

A very long time ago, even though I haven't aged a bit, I was a young woman who had a set of twins. At the very start it took extra hands to care for them, soothe them, rock them, care for them. It was a busy time of life learning how to care for not only a first child, but the 2nd as well all at once.

Not too long after this early time I became a single mom. The village of help grew.

I know that without a network of family and really good friends that stepped in and assisted that life would have been really terrible. Surrounded by people who serve each other, I was able to make it through, finished college, held down jobs, and still have time with my kids.

Now twin A has been married for over a year, and twin B will be married before the end of this year.
They have been adults awhile now, and live in their own apartments and take care of themselves, and now both will have their own families. I think the village needs to give themselves a pat on the back!
I pray the servanthood shown to us over those years will show up in their lives to help others.
 I feel it already has.

A big thank you to all that helped us over the years, especially those single years.
The journey was not always easy, but the company was always great.

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