Sunday, November 30, 2014

About That Tree

Almost all my stuff is in storage. My Christmas decorations, gift wrap, yarn, craft stuff, most of our movies (we kept out Christmas ones), recipe books (BIG MISTAKE) and well, everything.

The family we are staying with recently acquired a love seat and sofa set, they have never had 2 units like this, so they are debating about whether or not to put up their big Christmas tree. I tried to help out in the over-all "Hey we could do it like this" conversation, but the husband is convinced it is too big .  He is talking about a little 3 footer maybe. I hope some sort of agreement is made. I love Christmas, I love a house decked out for it and well, so very much is already so weird and different that I would be sad if there wasn't some sort of Christmas decor.

He did string up lights outside yesterday, YAY! I love the lights most of all.

He isn't being a scrooge or anything, it's a space thing, although they have both admitted they hate putting it up and taking it down. I offered help, and now I have stepped out of the on going conversation.

In other news today is the last day of NoBloPoMo.
I made it.

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