Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Whilst Waiting

It's funny, we have an entire list of things that will happen as soon as our tax return arrives.
Go to the dentist, pay of a personal debt, get the car fixed...and buy some unmentionables...things like that.
Along with this usual list is get fingerprints taken.
I need a new business license for my county and this is on the list of requirements for my specific line of work. But it is on that list. And things are on hold until that is completed. I can't set up my practice until those items are checked off.
Waiting is hard.

Biblically speaking we are ridiculously demanding people with an instant gratification problem.
How long did Abraham wait for a son? He was really old.
How long did the people of God wait in the desert, although be it their own fault? 40 years?
That's a long time.

I have a lot of ducks lined up waiting...WHEN we get this refund, THEN this and that will happen, and then WHEN my daughter moves back out this summer and I can have that room back THEN this and that will happen.
It isn't like we don't have a busy schedule or a lot of spare time simply because I am waiting for these things to happen...just my practice is on hold, which means my income is on hold which feels like...

A life on hold.

That's okay.
I can work on other stuff in the mean time, like self control.

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