Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New Blog Title?

I think I should change the name of my blog to something more fitting to how I feel lately.
Like for instance;
Adventures of Fat Girl
The Plump One
Living In the Fat Lane

I especially like that one, and it is mine, I am totally trademarking it right here right now.

I never set out to be a fat person.
I never looked at myself in the mirror and said, "You know what I need? A layer, or two, of insulation." Nope.

Some people need help with their eyesight, so they wear glasses.
Some people need help with hearing, so they have hearing aids.
And some people gain weight just thinking about ice cream, and they get fat.

I suppose that last line should say something inspirational, like "AND THEY WORK OUT MORE, AND EAT LESS THAN THE AVERAGE PERSON SO THEY CAN MAINTAIN AN AVERAGE WEIGHT."
But it doesn't.

God made some really amazing foods in the world. Seriously. And man made some pretty awful for your body chemicals and flavor enhancers and all sorts of other things that have led to problems. I was a perfect storm of too many antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, and other factors. Yep, a mess.

I have joined countless groups on both sides of the coin. Weight loss, and body acceptance. I am a walking confliction, which is a totally made up word by yours truly.I want to speak life into people beating themselves up about their bodies. I want to tell them how wonderful and beautiful they are! You were designed and lovingly created, and you are your worst enemy. Get over your {insert body part here} and live your life! And then I look into the mirror and that flapping skin on my upper arms and shout, "When the heck did that happen! " It's true, I yelled it in a thrift store dressing room this weekend on a trip with friends. So unimpressed with my upper arms right now.

SO this starts a new determination, start over, start fresh, you can get those pounds back off, you know how, you have the products/meal plan/know-how...YOU CAN DO THIS.
But then there is ice cream.
Thank you Lord for ice cream.

I also have a wedding to attend in 8 weeks. A big family wedding.
Because of recent weight gain (all my own fault) I don't have a thing to wear. You would think this is enough motivation too.
But then there is {insert yummy food here}.

There is also the total and complete lack of desire to work out currently. I KNOW! I know it would help me feel better. I know it would tone things up (are you listening upper arms!?) and burn calories. Those tricky little suckers that demand balance or else!

The last several month have contained some stressful things for me, that all showed up on my body. I feel like adding one more thing right now (weight loss) would send me over the crazy edge. But I also know that if I just keep trying and make better choices, the stress might stop showing up on my middle and things will improve.

What will I choose? I guess you will just have to wait and see.


Aaron Gayden said...

I love you and will try to help with ...whatever. Good word though and you know how I feel about good words...

Louise Gayden said...

Great blog .can't wait to see what name you choose.
Love you mom g