Tuesday, March 18, 2014

About That

I am doing alright not eating sugar.  Just so you know.
I am doing alright not talking poorly about myself. I often look in the mirror, zero in on something, and then stop myself, I am not perfect, but I am doing so much better! 

As for cleaning out a bag of stuff a day? So not happening.
And I am laughing right now. Sure, I am bummed that I haven't done this an iota, however, it was too much right this moment. I am so very busy making costumes and props, and facing taxes. This was just hopeful thinking that I could squeeze this in as well.

A friend on Sunday told me to just try and pray for a little bit of time to open up. SO I am not giving up completely. And frankly, taxes will be over soon, and then the play will be done, and then, THEN, I can face other bigger projects. In the meantime I will still try to hit an area here and there. For example, perhaps tomorrow I will clean out , well, I don't know. I just made a to-do list in my head for tomorrow. It isn't looking positive for time to clean something out. I will clean off the top of the dryer. How about that? Empty stain spray and buttons. It's a small task, maybe I can get that done.

So, for those of you fasting, or perhaps observing Lent, how are you doing?
 Any revelations? Any victories?
I pray so.

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