Friday, February 28, 2014

Where Was This?

I wish this information existed when I went to college, either times.
Want total transparency in a blog?
How's this?
We still are struggling to pay off student loans for degrees in industries (partially our choice) that it does not pay. Does it help to get a job? Maybe. Maybe they are impressed that we finished, or that we are trained, but all in all, it doesn't lead to a lot of money.

This information is crucial for some people to know, BEFORE they get into debt for occupations that may, or may not, benefit from having that expensive education.

I am a great supporter of being educated, of learning new skills, but I don't necessarily think a big fancy degree is always the right choice. I know many jobs require them, being a medical doctor for example, but not everything does.

Pray hard, think upon it, if you can afford it, go for it, but if you need loans to make it through, consider all the factors first.

Being in debt really stinks, and it is hard to move on in life while you owe.

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