Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Weather, Yep, Seriously

I am going to take a moment to talk about the weather. I have read many a blog in the last few days regarding the weather and the extreme things going on. Mostly my blog friends in other parts of the country  have had it with snow and ice.
I can't blame them for their lamenting, this year has been brutal there.

Our weather, on the other hand, has been mild, and for the month of January was pretty much spring temperatures. 65 to 75 degrees? 50 at night? What is this? January 14th in southern California was 85, I know because I was there enjoying it. And 53 days without precipitation? Wow, unheard of in my area during these months.

And there in lies the problem.

We broke that dry spell with a cold front. The cold front allows the trapped moisture to fall...yay! Temps are almost normal right now, still a little warm during the day but dropping at night. We had some rain, and snow up the hill ...
but not enough. We are at perhaps 10-20% of the rainfall/snowpack needed. We need another 21+ inches by June. This is drought.

Perhaps this doesn't seem like an issue...but let's take a look at how it affects everyone.
Many people are selling off, or are talking about selling off, their livestock. They simply can't afford the water  it would take to keep the herds alive. This will drive say beef prices down temporarily as the market gets flooded with a surplus, but then, there will be a shortage, and the price will skyrocket. Did you know where a very large percentage of rice is grown? I will give you hint: It's northern California, and we have a serious drought, so guess what prices will go up at well? This is just a glimpse.

I know many of you might be freezing and buried in several feet of snow, but pray for this side of the US. We need rain and snow, and soon.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely... We get that from Idaho too. And I know that in the midwest and east this has been a record winter. (and though we are sick of the snow primarily due to snow days and Seasonal depression related stuff.) the worst has been the negative temps. They are horrid and the illnesses are INSANE! BUT, Idaho's horrible fire seasons spurred by their constant state of drought make us so sad nearly every time it rains/snows here. (and to put it in perspective, we moved here in March and it snowed til June. Rained until late August. Was sunny and nice for most of September and then the snow came again... So we've had LOTS of it.) It's sad for us (literally, since we're used to sunshine and each have SAD) because we know Idaho (and NM, where I'm from) could desperately use the water...
And obviously California too.