Thursday, January 9, 2014

cream puff

Last night's celebration included a strange re-enactment of Alyssa and Dustin's marriage ceremony. This was mostly because a contract was signed in middle school. I don't know what the trade was for, but in the deal Jenelle was promised the opportunity to sing "Wind Beneath My Wings" at Alyssa's wedding. SO They grabbed flowers, Jenelle did her best Maid Of Honor walk down the "isle' of our living room and vows were roughly re-spoken. We took silly photos and then, as I served mini cream puffs Jenelle started singing the promised song.
Somewhere in the middle she didn't remember the words, so while she was waiting out the return to the chorus she suddenly realized that she indeed had a cream puff in her hand, she nearly forgot. She looked at the mic, looked and the cream puff, and chose, ...the cream puff.

It was perfect.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like she seized the moment! I'm sure many a girl would have looked upon her performance and exclaimed her their hero! :) Fun memory!