Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Best Intentions

I had the best intentions to write more this year, to find my voice again, to really jump back in and fill pages with something that maybe, just maybe someone else would enjoy reading. Perhaps help a person or two, perhaps make someone laugh, or even just nod in agreement.

And then life got back into full swing.

It wasn't just writing that shoved aside, it's everything.

sssshhhhh   I still have Christmas decorations up....yep, I do.
The wrapping paper station got all put away, but only because I was forced to clean that area so my daughter could temporarily (6 months) move back in. So my house has her stuff scattered about, Christmas still up, and life's general messes all over, because I simply haven't been home to tend to it.

I feel like all I have mostly done in this house for the last week is sleep here, and not even well on the night's my poor husband was up coughing and hacking.

I am not complaining. We live an interesting life.
We are always striving to do what we are called to do, and that simply equats to some busy times.

Sadly this was a lot of unpaid busy time.

So on top of everything else I am now looking at our finances and wondering what's next?

Ever feel like that? Just wondering what's next? Sometimes I know it is when the burdens are too heavy, and we question what's next like we couldn't take on another thing. Sometimes it is good stuff, and sometimes, like now for us, we just wonder where, what and when. Our where? currently isn't a big where, we know we are supposed to be here. We would also like to stay put for another 3.5 years so Spencer can graduate from his current school, if his current school stays a valuable and viable option.

As for other best intentions, I have gained weight. Yep, gained. My body is working super strongly against me and the weight is a result. Poor choices? Sure. Not working out? Yep. But the cravings and the caloric math don't make sense. SO I am re-joining the bandwagon again. I KNOW THAT I KNOW THAT I KNOW Isagenix works. I just need to get back on the products and stay within the guidelines of healthy eating. My body and my wardrobe will thank me.

So there is a little recap.
See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

The lean and tough seasons are so hard! I'm so sorry! Thankfully we have a mighty God! Hang in there, my friend!