Thursday, December 5, 2013

Allergic to ALL OF IT

When my extended family gets together it is fun, it can be loud, there is a lot of laughter, and really complicated food nowadays.
Between us there is at least one person, if not more, allergic to or strongly intolerant of:
Eggs, dairy, nuts, strawberries, mustard, soy, fish/shellfish. grapes and grape products: wine & basalmic vinegar, all citrus, bananas, avocado, kiwi, all peppers(except black peppercorn), this includes all bell peppers too, eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, paprika, chili powder, huckleberries, goji berries, pimentos and a few stray items.

There is some dietary resrictions for non-allergic, but reactionary reasons, conditions, or to be kind to the heart : low saturated fats, little beef, low fats over all, lower sugar, fiber, not a lot of fiber and some need a higher balance and some a lower balance of protein to carbs.

Then there are a few items that some people simply do not like, like brussel sprouts, cucumber, coconut and walnuts. But they can pick around them.

And let me tell you, soy and surprisingly paprika show up everywhere. There is paprika in many Mayonnaise and mustard jars.

Do you face allergies too?

Here is a link for some yummy sounding gluten free and dairy free options from Jessica at Keeper Of The Home. She also gives hints for serving people with allergies in your home.

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