Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wasn't Kidding...

This NaBloPoMo is really self-imposed this time. I missed the official deadline for signing up. Even though I do it every year. Oh well.

This is for me, to get back into the routine of writing. I have struggled with what to write some days. It isn't for a lack of things to write about however. The problems are balance and time, and the big one, what is saying too much? What is too personal, and what is raw enough to help someone else out?

Sometimes I want to start a whole new blog, with an alias name, and not tell anyone I know in real life...okay, maybe not completely anonymous. But sometimes I have stories I want to share. Nothing gossipy, but I don't necessarily want other people to know what is going on.

We recently had issues with a client. This person, among pages and pages of other ridiculous accusations, claimed my husband put something on Facebook just so someone would give him a hand out. But the truth was we were making a declaration of faith, waiting for a miracle and expecting God to come through for us. He did come through, and not from anyone on Facebook!

I don't want my blog to look like a cry for help when things are tough. But sometimes, things are tough. Our life is not perfect! We struggle, and just keep going. We don't always respond to issues with the grace we should, thankfully God does. My house gets cluttered and messy, I get behind on laundry, I ignore my garden, and make bad food choices.

I feel better just letting you know that.

 SO what is the purpose of this blog?

Originally it was just a place to share what was up in our life with friends. But then I wanted to encourage others. I want you to know, you are not alone! Life isn't the pretty perfect picture many paint on their blogs. They don't talk about when they snapped at their kids, or yelled at a bad driver, or accidentally ran a red light...unless it is a funny story. We faulter we fail, we flail around in our messes, we seek help, we dust ourselves off, we accept a hand, and hopefully we keep moving forward! Sometimes it takes longer than it could have, but we all have a journey to make.

I would like you to know, you are not alone.
I want you to know how much God loves you, even when things seem bleak.
I want you to be encouraged, and remember to be thankful.
I am thankful for my readers, I am thankful to have the ability to communicate, I am thankful for the chance to connect with someone, and maybe, even if it is in the tiniest way, make a difference for them. I am thankful to be breathing today, and able to hug someone that needs it.

What are you thankful for?

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