Saturday, November 2, 2013

This is Fall?

I know this is a lame subject...but what's up with the weather?  Maybe where you live everything is normal, but not here. We are having roller coaster weather. Odd 74 degrees or warmer and cold nights, instead of fall chill. We had enough cold to snap the trees into Fall color, but then enough heat to turn half of the trees brown instead. And I don't mean half of the all the trees, I mean half of each tree. It's really weird. SO then instead of a colorful show it kinda dies and just drops them all brown. Some trees haven't even started turning yet. It is certainly cooler, but not the normal. I am not actually complaining. Weather like this means we don't have to turn on the A/c or the heater. And that, for this frugal family, is a very good things indeed.

Also, there is no rain. Usually by now we stop watering our lawns and all that. Not so this year. No rain, and continued warmer weather. It's almost like living in southern California again. Almost. We do still have the spectacular tree show...

I just hope we get some rain soon. Last year was drought conditions, we need lots of rain and a really good snow pack up the hill a bit...

How is Fall where you are?

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