Sunday, November 17, 2013

Killer Worship Team

After church we were invited to do something new with a few other families, go shooting. I grew up shooting bows, and BB guns, but never the real deal. We said yes.

We drove into remote private property, with permission and guidelines from the owner, who was there actually. It was a beautiful Fall day, the leaves making a carpet across the ground and poison oak. Targets and old pumpkins were placed strategically and a shooting line created.

While there we realized that we had two sound guys, our graphic designer for the church , and four members of the worship team, including two of the leaders.  This of course led to some seriously funny conversation of the Killer Worship Team. Not sure if it would be a drama or a comedy, but it made us laugh.

I shot a 9mm and an AK-15.
And it was great.

I was taught all the safety and loading and proper use. We were a very safe, albeit loud, group. Yes ear protection was worn. There may or may not have been some explosives involved in one of the pumpkins.
 It was a great day.

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