Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Imaginary Check List

I have done many things today, unfortunately none of them, well almost none of them, are what I NEEDED to get done.
Why is that?
I have been busy since I got up, but nothing on my important "To-Do" list is done!

I have decided that I need to make up a list so that I feel like something went the right way today.
Something a little like this:

1. Wake up oddly late.  
2. Forget to drink morning tea until it is barely warm.
3. Think about starting laundry.
4. Quickly make big lunch when client wants to change appointment to earlier time slot.
5. Balance checkbook, cry slightly.
6. Have circular conversation with son.
7. Repeat number 6.
8. Go to library, don't find anything.
9. Look at "to-Do" list, cry slightly again.
 10. BLOG about it.

I feel so much better! I can check everything off my list!


Heather said...

Oh I love this idea! My list would look slightly like this:

1) Goof around on the computer all day.
2) Get frustrated with one of my stepsons.
3) Cry slightly.
4) Go to bed way too late.

I think I could accomplish this to-do list every day without even trying! Thanks for the idea :)

Hope you're having fun with all your guests!

Missy Shell said...

On days like that, I write mundane little things on my list, just so I can check them off. :-) Hang in there!