Monday, November 11, 2013

Garlic Flowing Like a River

Last week we had the honor of dinning with some newer friends. We have tried to get together for quite some time but our schedules never lined up, and then suddenly we all had an opening.

Let me just say that Portuguese and Italian is a beautiful mix.

Our chef for the evening searched her recipes for something I could actually eat. She went to the trouble of making a copy of my allergy list, and we talked about all the possibilities...or lack therein.

A menu was chosen.
Chicken Picata, a favorite, a spinach dish, polenta, and the most amazing garlic bread I have ever eaten. Seriously, the bread was so incredible.
Everything was incredible.

There were 3 full bulbs of garlic used in the dinner, not cloves, bulbs. Getting out of the car and walking towards the house an aroma of delightful and robust hit us in the face. As we entered their home, we salivated.

She allowed us to partake in the bread before dinner was done.

I won't lie, you should be a little jealous right now. 

I could have just eaten that bread, but then I would have missed out on everything else.

I mentioned that they should come over to our house for dinner. Then I panicked. What was I thinking? What in the world could I ever make that would top what she makes all the time. They eat amazing robust, good for you food, a lot. The garlic alone should keep their immune systems in perfect order. My recipe box and cookbooks are filled with forbidden ingredients now. Beautiful things like, tomatoes.Think for a moment of many of your families favorite, find a few food items that those dishes have in common, then pretend like you are allergic to those items. What would you cook? If all the old standby's and staples were now out of the mix.

It's hard.

I know many people out there suddenly can't have gluten or wheat. That's a sad day, I feel your pain. I can still eat bread, but I am being careful about it, I don't want that on my can't eat it list.

I am seeking out new family stand by's. One's I can make that taste amazing, that are friends over for dinner worthy, and also a list of quick fix it meals. I have come up with a few lately. So it is getting better.

 I just hope I can find something really amazing before our schedules all match up again.


Aaron Gayden said...

Rock though it did, I don't think you'll have any trouble :-)

Missy Shell said...

You are amazing and creative; I am sure that you will come up with something fabulous.

But I do hear you. I feel your pain.

I love you.