Monday, November 4, 2013

Coming Soon...

Not to theatres, but to our local area...
We have some big performances coming up. And we are busy getting ready.
First , my son's school is putting on an original musical called "Our Time". Utilizing songs from successful Broadway musicals we have compiled together with a story about an audition at a local community theatre.
Spencer is actually featured a bit in this one. Many of the strongest male vocalists all graduated last year, so Spencer is stepping up to the stage.

Also, our church is putting on it's annual Christmas Concert. This year we are raising funds for our local firemen to purchase a special wetsuit for rescues. A worthy cause for sure.

Both events are the same weekend.

And all three of us are extremely involved with both performances.


It's going to be very busy around here for awhile.
Aaron has taken a position as a voice teacher at Spencer's school, and I have volunteered my talents as well to help the already fabulous drama teacher. It is a big class, and a big undertaking, and we just wanted to help get it to the next level. The kids are working hard, but with extremely limited rehearsal time they will need to step it up.Aaron is also making music tracks for the show. We are unable to have live musicians, so we must sing to tracks, not all of which are readily available. SO he is creating several of them.

Aaron is also writing charts for extra horn parts and other such things for our Christmas concert. It is part of his job in general for our church. He is also teaching two choirs at two other neighborhood school that will participate in the concert as well.

Whew. I am tired just thinking about everything he is doing.

My parents are also coming in for that weekend. Not only to attend the performances, but because my dad will play trombone for the concert. This makes us very happy. It's been awhile since he was well enough to make that drive and take on such things.

Life is busy, but God is good, so life is good.

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