Friday, November 1, 2013

But I don't want to move...

So, it's been awhile since I have posted anything at all. Partially because my life got crazy, and also because we ran out of broadband last month. Yes, ran out.

It is possible.

We don't have the lovely option of unlimited. And we pay precious money for each increase in how much we can use, and well, we hit a spot that we just couldn't go any higher. It was painful really.

We have hit a weird spot, once again, in our quest for solutions...move? Make bundles of money? Move?
There doesn't seem to be any other company we can use. We have researched, we have tried, we have asked neighbors. In fact, our next door neighbor is able to use a company that we can't. The representative came out, used his equipment, walked all over the property, climbed a tree, got on the roof, and could not lock in a signal. We were heavily saddened that day.

Of course no one wants to move. It's ridiculous, and hard work, and expensive.
Of course we may have to move anyways...and I try to not get into politics here, but this "affordable" forced health care thing? Yeah, we can't afford it. We are being forced to buy something we can't afford, or penalized for not spending the money we don't have. SO we might have to move just to lower our overhead so we can afford what is supposed to be affordable.
Did you follow that?

Except, we also don't have money to move either.
And it opens a bunch of other issues as well, like room for my husbands office and whatnot.

So, that's what's up.
That and getting used to having a son in law, but that's good stuff.

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