Thursday, November 14, 2013

Life In These Hills...

A week from tomorrow some of my favorite people will be in town. I am very excited. Her two oldest will be dancing in a competition, actually, a Feis , for it is Irish dancing. The costumes and bouncing fake ponytails are amazing. These kids work hard too. Hopefully everything works out and I actually get to see them perform.

In other news my son FINALLY started filming his movie. We are very excited and proud of him. He has a lot to learn, and hopefully he doesn't get too frustrated. He has been writing the script and figuring out green screen work and locations.

Next week my husband is also giving a benefit concert for a dear, sweet friend, Carolina. Her son was paralyzed from the shoulders down this summer when he dove into a pool. She has moved to Texas to take care of him as he recovers and learns a new way of life. We are trying to not only help them have a better holiday, but also renovate the bathroom and maybe help with a vehicle.

Anyone can help, here is information and a link to give.
Inline image 1 Here is the link to help them out.

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