Saturday, October 5, 2013

And Then There Was One More

I am studying a new modality in massage work.
It's called Bowen Therapy.
But more on that another day...
I had a client, on the table, ready to start when my cell phone rang. This in itself is amazing because it often chooses to not ring or signal me...randomly. I glanced at the screen, it was my daughter Alyssa, but it would be rude to answer with a person on the table. I let it go.

And then the house phone started ringing instead.
Our home line doesn't have an answering machine or I knew it would just keep ringing and ringing and ringing.
I apologized to my client, thankfully she is a dear friend and was okay with it.

I answered the phone and my daughter spoke these words, "Hello, this is Alyssa NEWLASTNAME speaking".

I verified to make sure was wasn't kidding around.

She wasn't.
My daughter got married.

While not everyone is happy with their choice to do it privately we are happy that they are wed, we are happy to call Dustin a son(in law) and well, it's just good. Hence the title of this post, I have one more "kid", a son, a brother for Spencer.

This wasn't a quick choice, they have been engaged for awhile now. The thought of planning a wedding while taking 18 units, or how ever many she is currently taking, just pushed her over the edge, and not a good edge. They will carry on with school and get their degrees as planned. :)

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