Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's a Trap!

Across America people must get what's called a "Life Scan" to work with children.
I see nothing wrong with this.
The national company takes fingerprints, does a background check, and verifies who you are, making sure you are safe to work with kids.


At least in California, there is a scam going on.
Our Government here, and perhaps in many other states as well, has made this scan a money maker.

My husband will be working at 3 different schools this year.
Two of which are about 3 blocks apart, the other being within 2 miles. All three inside the same school district.

Because of California laws we have to have the "Life Scan" done three separate times...at a cost to us each and everytime. A smaller fee goes to the company, depending on where you have it done there is a fee on top of that, and then there is the additional fee that the government charges. Oh yes, they get the biggest cut of the amount,  and they are the ones making it mandatory to have it done separately.
Seems a little fishy to me.

I would understand if it had been a few years, or a different county perhaps. This is on top of the TB testing you must get, again, to be done separately for each school. Makes no sense at all.

Greed is ugly.
And it is costing us all.

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Missy Shell said...

It makes no sense that you would have to get them done differently for each school within the same district. PUSD doesn't do it that way, once you're cleared, you're cleared for any school. Well, for TB you are, and for level 1 clearance. For level 2, you might have to do it separately. But I don't think you pay for it. The district does.

Very strange.