Monday, September 23, 2013


My son's eyesight requires corrective lenses, strong ones.
He has worn them for some time, we have gone through a few prescription changes and snapped frames. He had his latest upgrade in April/May. So I was super surprised Saturday morning when I walked out into the kitchen and he said,"My glasses are broken".

I panicked.  And I lowered my head and grumbled something to God, it wasn't right....and then I repented and said I would try to stay positive, and trust everything would be okay.

This might not seem like much to some, but it was the straw that broke the camels back...This is a very lean month. And on top of it being lean we had to pay for 2 cars at the DMV and other unforeseen fees so my husband can work in the local schools...more on that tomorrow. It wasn't a single event, it has been a summer of events all piling up. I looked to my husband with a stupid "why?", and he answered, "Maybe we are being tested like Job". ACK! I thought about it a moment, "Job's wife didn't do to well during that". My husband pleaded at me with his eyes and answered me, "But you can".

The Wal Mart we go to for optical needs is "down the hill". It's at least 30 minutes away, so not local. My husband was leaving for the day in our only car, because he had gigs (YAY WORK!!)  Our other car is still being held captive by my daughter her totaled her own car....sigh. Pray she finds a new car soon. So I knew I couldn't get to the store, and I knew I didn't have THAT kind of money to replace the glasses...

First I text a friend to pray for us because the glasses were broken.
Then we text a friend who's dad makes eyeglasses. We just asked for him to look at the frames in case he could put the spring hinge post back in where it belonged. I knew it was a long shot, but it was so worth it. My kid really needs to see.

They happened to be out and about and asked us to meet them at his lab, mere minutes from the house, and in the meantime, my other friend called me back and said she was willing to drive us down the hill and pay whatever the charge was.

I nearly cried.

We arrived at the lab, he looked at the frames and announced them dead.
He started talking of a special bonding glue that he had in the lab and started moving around the lab, and called Spencer into another room, and we chatted with his thing I knew, he had made Spencer a new pair of glasses. No charge. One lens is slightly stronger than his regular prescription, but Spencer says it's amazing, like HD or something.

The kindness of friends, that know how precious eyesight is...

So now my kid could see, and I knew, that if the vision center had to send off for new glasses, at least he could see in the meantime.

Much later in the day we picked up my friend's son, Spencer's best friend, and headed down the hill, right through a huge storm. The sky darkened, the wind came on suddenly. My friend said in Texas this is when you start looking for funnels. We made it through and headed in the rain into the store.

The woman that always helps us was there, and I was thankful. We share the same name, she is older, and must have had a stroke or something at some point in her life. One hand is mostly clenched shut and there are slight other indicators. This has never stopped her or even slowed her down from helping us quickly and proficiently. I really like her. She took a look at the glasses and said "uh oh". She brought up our file, and found the frames on the wall...and then, 2nd miracle of the day, they fixed the glasses for us, right there on the premises for NO CHARGE.

My friend and I rejoiced, and gave glory to God.

Sometimes, when things seem ridiculously hard, or dark, the most amazing things can happen, even when things seemed to have gotten worse.

I struggled this week, bewildered by the onslaught of financial burdens, with out the funds. I vented to my husband of frustration, and how it seems so many things fall into place for OTHER people...
We had to come to grips that we were still striving to be self sufficient.
We all do it.
We want to make all the money we will ever need...
not have to seek money from others.
We want to take care of things, get them all done, on our own,
Not depend on a friend for a ride, or anything else.

We were designed to live in community, to rely on one another, not stand alone, like islands. Even islands have help, with tides, and birds and wind.

I thank God for His mercies.
I thank Him I did better through this trial than I thought I could.


Aaron Gayden said...

all i can say is I love you

Thany said...

I love so many things about this story... one of them I should mention is the beautiful faith your husband has in your strength and faith. It is beautiful and reflects your teamwork and the faith you share together.

Thank you for always sharing your trials and struggles. I love you so much.