Monday, August 12, 2013

Stop Insulting My Wife

When I get down on myself, when I am talking smack and picking on this lump or that wrinkle, or my utter failure at NOT eating something my husband looks at me with love in his eyes and speaks firmly, but softly, "Stop talking about my wife like that".

And he means it.

Have you seen "Mean Girls"? Have you watched when the clique of girls takes turns looking in the mirrror and tearing themselves down, and then they all turn to the new comer expecting her to do the same, and she is stunned and mutters something about morning breath.
It's a brilliant scene, kudos to Tina Fey.
What an amazingly terrible we live in, expecting perfection and training people to tear themselves apart if they don't live up to it.

We train our children to do the same, and unless we are filtering every bit of media, they will get the message elsewhere even if they miss it at home.

Another great moment in literature is in the book "The Help". Abeleine the maid is telling the little girl everyday that she is kind, and good. Something she was never hearing from her mother.

We all need to hear that. Everyday.

Speak life, to your kids, to your family, to your friends, and especially, to yourself.

I found this post on this blog to be interesting. She is a model saying that if you aren't perfect, don't worry...photoshop will take care of that. For me, this article is about people looking at images of other people, and never making the cut, never looking as good as, or good enough. So many look up to stars and models and yet, their own images have been "fixed".

Altered, trimmed, smoothed out, and frankly, cookie cutter stamped.

It takes out the unique features, removes the curves of motherhood, the smile lines of life, the sun kissed freckles, and truth of the real side of life.

It makes humans into illustrations.
Model is a good word for it.

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