Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Spider Bite?

On the very last day of being at the cabin we took a mini hike.
I had been bite free until that time.

Then I noticed a bite on my instep/upper foot.
It's weird, I don't like it, and I started researching things on the "interwebs".

I know, I know, probably a mistake.
But I would rather KNOW if it something scary like a brown recluse bite or something more benign.

Interestingly enough I found this description of a Camel Spider:
"Camel spiders are sometimes called wind scorpions or sun spiders, but in reality, they are neither scorpions nor spiders. They belong to a group of desert creatures called solpugids, and they have elongated bodies that make them look more like scorpions than spiders. The name, derived from Latin, means "escape from the sun." In the United States, camel spiders can be found in the deserts of the southwest. They are light brown in color, can be up to 5 inches long, and can run at about 10 miles per hour — often making a screaming sound while doing so."

So let me get this straight, 5 inches long,  runs towards you to get into the shade caused by your shadow, WHILE SCREAMING?

Um, no.
No thanks.

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