Monday, August 26, 2013


I have been watching documentaries this week.
It started with Food Inc. and Super Size Me for Spencer's health class. I had read one before and we watched the other years ago, but both are a good reminder about modern day food.

While at the library I chose a few others to  check out. I have watched them all this week, fascinating and information, and all well made.
Typhoid Mary. I had no idea of the details behind the title. A feisty Irish woman infecting others, even though she herself is not ill. A good historical look conditions and beliefs of the time.
A Walk To Beautiful, Ethiopian women cast out of their society because of injuries due to giving birth, (Fistulas) walk and travel far to get to a wonderful hospital that helps them get a real life back. Very moving, and eye opening. Partially subtitled
This Is Not  Film, a film director in the middle east is under investigation is banned from film making and faces  imprisonment. He catches a day in his life through a cell phone and a friend with a real camera. It was fascinating, it's like he couldn't help himself from telling life stories with film. Gives a good glimpse into how controlled their lives are in his country. Subtitles.
Under Our Skin. This is about Lyme disease and what is going on medically, scientifically, politically, and also personally through some people's stories. It is really eye opening. I strongly suggest it.

For something more light hearted we will watch about the puppeter : Being Elmo

I included links where I could find them so you could read more about them. I borrowed all of these titles from our public library system.

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