Saturday, July 6, 2013

Circle of...

I am suddenly surrounded by death.
All of them at least one step away from me, in the sense that I know the people that lost someone, but not necessarily the one who passed. My friend's church lost their beloved "everyone's grandma" this week. And their pastor's son in law also is tragically dead. A friend lost one of her brothers. Blogging "friends" lost father in laws.  My friend's husband is suddenly gone, after just a few years of blissful, wonderful marriage. We are so heartbroken. It is just odd how full of death this week has been.
And it was wasn't just people. Three , or possibly four families I know lost their beloved dogs too.

For us our life just goes on. I mourn for my friend. It was a long and twisted road before she found this kind of love, and now he is gone.  Too young, too soon, and very suddenly. So much for her to suddenly think about and figure out. Thankfully she has a good support system right around her. Lifting her up, helping her, hugging her I am sure.  I am thankful for that network, as is she. No body should have to do this kind of life stuff alone.

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