Friday, July 26, 2013

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Gig.

I can't say where I was, I can't tell you why I was there. All I can say is I am home and it went well.

Oh, vague post writing, isn't it great?

I flew in last night on a very full flight. I was halfway back and waited as all the people ahead of me filed off the plane. Some woman behind my section started loudly complaining with full sailor vocabulary about how displeased she was at the lack of speed getting off the plane. It was surreal. My whole section turned around to look at the woman with the ugly mouth and attitude. It was going smoothly, and it was a large plane, and she sat 3/4 of the way back, most likely not by choice, but there is simply nothing to be done.

This month we took a hit financially as one of our regular "gigs" decided to go a different direction. Interesting thing was, they didn't give us any true warning.  We are simply out that amount this month. Thankfully Aaron picked up a gig for tomorrow at a family event, so we will all be together in a fun environment for the day and bring in some income. That's a nice way to come home.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

In The Sky Again...

And on the road again.
This months travels will now include a plane trip to San Diego and a car trip to Yuma, AZ.
To visit a sister, who has made it clear I can not blog about her.

So enjoy this lovely blank space for a moment.

Seriously, won't let me blog about our adventures? The laughter?
I will just have to find something else to write about.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

End of an Era

It's a sad day in my family.

We know not when it might sell, we know not when it will truly be gone, but we know it will happen.

For 22 years we have enjoyed this spot. A log cabin in the woods of the Sierra Nevada. Memory maker. We scrubbed it, fixed it, chased wild life out of it, watched bears from it's windows, fished out back in the stream, listened to rain on the tin roof and thunder rumble through the valley. Watched bats eat the mosquitoes that had tried to eat us, listened to the wind through the amazing pines, watched 18 month olds turn into 23 year olds, summer by summer. My dad engineered a more enjoyable outhouse when told we couldn't dig a septic. My dad is pretty amazing like that. Endless hours of the domino game of Train, plates of amazing food, and for me and my brother several birthdays were spent here as well. The laughter of a family enjoying it's time together can still be heard here. We filled the nooks and crannies of this cabin with it.

It might sell tomorrow, it might sell in 5 years, I am grateful for having been able to enjoy it.
And at least one more time, this summer, we will fill it up, run around it, swing from the giant tree, swim in the creak, read books for hours,  watch the clouds float by, and enjoy the splendor that is "The Cabin".

Saturday, July 6, 2013

One More...

I just found out there was another death this week. The mom of one of my friends. We shared the same birthday and we were put together as pray partners when I was in our church girls club.
She was a gentle woman of honor and she will be missed.

Circle of...

I am suddenly surrounded by death.
All of them at least one step away from me, in the sense that I know the people that lost someone, but not necessarily the one who passed. My friend's church lost their beloved "everyone's grandma" this week. And their pastor's son in law also is tragically dead. A friend lost one of her brothers. Blogging "friends" lost father in laws.  My friend's husband is suddenly gone, after just a few years of blissful, wonderful marriage. We are so heartbroken. It is just odd how full of death this week has been.
And it was wasn't just people. Three , or possibly four families I know lost their beloved dogs too.

For us our life just goes on. I mourn for my friend. It was a long and twisted road before she found this kind of love, and now he is gone.  Too young, too soon, and very suddenly. So much for her to suddenly think about and figure out. Thankfully she has a good support system right around her. Lifting her up, helping her, hugging her I am sure.  I am thankful for that network, as is she. No body should have to do this kind of life stuff alone.