Thursday, May 23, 2013

Radiator Springs (a leak)

For those that have known us at least a month it is pretty common knowledge that we have a "saga of cars".

I wish I was kidding.
Over all God has been gracious to us regarding transportation, and this post is in no way a negative or complaining post regarding our current situation.
It simply is what it is.
There are much bigger issues in the world.
We are thankful for the help we have received and look forward to what God is doing in our lives.

The saga continues...

The Volvo is officially gone.
Sold to a recycling yard.
I am both absolutely relieved and a little sad. It was our nicest in, it had air conditioning, a sun roof, leather interior. Things like that. It also had an engine light that would not go out and wouldn't pass smog testing here in California, which made it illegal to drive, so we didn't. So it sat there, staring us in the face like the brazen deer that eats things in our yard. Only this deer eats gas and our paychecks, because boy howdy are Volvo parts expensive.

So we made some new friends with new people at church, who own and run a mechanic shop. They were going to help us figure out if the car was worth saving.
So very long story short, God stepped in and made it clear what we should do with the car through a weird set of circumstances. These circumstances led to us getting a credit at the shop, cash for the car (not much) and an opportunity to fix our other cars.
We did a long list of "needs" on my husband's car. Although the list isn't done, we stopped so we would have a bit of money to put into my car.
You know, my 1988 Toyota Corolla with 235,000+ miles on it.

Because it needed an oil change....

and a new radiator, and some belts, and apparently a something cap thing, because it is leaking oil all over the spark plugs, and new front tires and more.
The only thing getting done is the radiator for now. And that's going to cost us. Our credit at the shop is now used up, but our "to do" list on the cars is long.

I am so thankful for the help. I am thankful they were able to give us discounts and are generous with us.I am thankful the radiator didn't fully go and then ruin the engine. I am thankful for God's provision while we figure this all out. 

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