Friday, May 3, 2013

In the Moment

Yesterday was the Nation Day of Prayer. Good thing too.
 It was also a frustrating day for me.
I want to remind you of what I said a few days know, about failing, and passing the test?
At one point in the middle of the afternoon I just stomped my foot and yelled ,"I just need something to work, I need it to go right".

And then I breathed a big breath and kept trying.

One thing after another plagued my day. From forgetting where I was supposed to be, to car trouble, to forgetting things I was supposed to be doing. I had a big project I was working on, royal icing sugar cookies that look  like Cinderella's pumpkin carriage. The cookies gave me trouble because the wheels kept falling off. The icing gave me trouble because the weather was so very dry, the color of the icing gave me trouble. First attempt looked like skin, it was gross. Then we had "Band aid" color...not appetizing.

Eventually they looked okay, not what I intended, but okay.

In the middle of the day the three of us went to church to join in prayer with whoever could make it and prayed for our country, for our leaders, for our community, for the world. It was a powerful moment.
We were slightly late due to car trouble and had to leave to get Spencer to rehearsal it was just the right thing for that day. Prayer is a powerful weapon.

Even though the rest of the day didn't go perfectly, I stepped into the grace given to me and just kept going...
and all the cookies I took to tonight's performance sold, even the one that was missing a wheel.

(Prototypes for the carriage cookies)

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