Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Love You

I love you my Mister.
I love you when we have plenty, and I love you when things are tight,
I love your diligence and work ethics.
I love you when things are craqzy around us and when things are quiet and peaceful, there isn't much in between for us.
I love you when you show me acts of service, and I love you when you've upset me. Thankfully it's rare and doesn't last.
I love you for loving me when I am irritable and well, icky. For helping me cope through the tough stuff, and never abandoning me.

I love you for the family leader you are, and for loving God first.
I love you for being silly, and odd, and hilarious.

I love you for walking the road less traveled. 
I love you for being compassionate and trying to help others.
I love you for dreaming big.

I love that you never lost your sense of wonder.

Thank you for 14 years.
Looking forward to so many more.

1 comment:

Aaron Gayden said...

I love you and you just made me cry!