Monday, April 29, 2013

Calorie Free Pasteries

As promised...

I intended to make an entire tray of cupcakes, but my first two ideas weren't working out well. The third idea worked great but by the time I realized it was going to be amazing I was out of the supplies to do more. But now I know exactly how to make them, you know, for next time.

Speaking of which. I truly loved doing all this. I missed theatre work, but didn't realize how much. I wish I could be paid to do this stuff, then it would be perfect. My friend kept asking me, "Did it stress you out?". No, actually it didn't. I feel revived. Sure, I had a lot to do in a very short amount of time, but it was fun. It was challenging, and I had to get really creative, and I loved it. I failed and just kept going.

Read that again...

"I failed and just kept going".

Do you know how wonderful that is?
It's amazing, and beautiful, and I should yell it from the roof top. Except I am not fond of high places nor would my neighbors appreciate me yelling seemingly random things from up there. It is kinda quiet around here most days. But seriously? ME??!! Failing and then not even wasting a precious minute about it? That is growth everyone...GROWTH. I have been set free and it feels so good!

Knowing how things go I will probably now fail completely at something else just as a test of how set free I am. Praying I pass it....and if I don't, that's okay.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Where Am I?

So, hi!
Been MIA I know, for a bit.

I don't know about your 2013, but ours has been super busy thus far. I don't really see a break for awhile yet either.

Some things have ended, they were amazing and wonderful, and I will write about them maybe next week.
Other things we are in full swing, and a few are nearing conclusion. Whew!

So here is a sample of somethings I have been doing in the last few days. What I neglected to take photos of was even more time consuming and cool....

I am helping out with the production of Cinderella.
I took on the task of making a transitioning costume that changes from "rags" to ballgown. ON STAGE, in full view and lights. In fact 2 performances will be outside in the sunshine. I will have to post photos of the outfit next week as well, along with the story.

But for now, here is some stage food I made for the banquet scene/dance.

The last photo is giant shrimp on ice. They don't photograph well, I will test how they look on stage tomorrow and adjust accordingly.

I also created a tray full of pastries, but they are not done yet, photos to come.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Love You

I love you my Mister.
I love you when we have plenty, and I love you when things are tight,
I love your diligence and work ethics.
I love you when things are craqzy around us and when things are quiet and peaceful, there isn't much in between for us.
I love you when you show me acts of service, and I love you when you've upset me. Thankfully it's rare and doesn't last.
I love you for loving me when I am irritable and well, icky. For helping me cope through the tough stuff, and never abandoning me.

I love you for the family leader you are, and for loving God first.
I love you for being silly, and odd, and hilarious.

I love you for walking the road less traveled. 
I love you for being compassionate and trying to help others.
I love you for dreaming big.

I love that you never lost your sense of wonder.

Thank you for 14 years.
Looking forward to so many more.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Think it's Safe....

How about now...


10 – Aspartame (NutraSweet / Equal)

An accidental discovery during research on gastrointestinal hormones resulted in a uniquely sweet chemical: aspartame. During the clinical trials conducted on 7 infant monkeys as part of aspartame’s application for FDA approval, 1 monkey died and 5 other monkeys had grand mal seizures—yet somehow aspartame was still approved by the FDA in 1974. In 1985, Monsanto acquired the company responsible for aspartame’s manufacture (G.D. Searle) and began marketing the product as NutraSweet. Twenty years later, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released a report listing 94 health issues caused by aspartame. (Watch a quick video here.)"

Want to read more in regards to the other dirty 11 that this company has their hands in? Please visit this site.