Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Little Grace Please

On Facebook there is a letter circulating, a "Dear mom on the iphone" sort of thing. It talks about how she is missing precious moments in her kids life. They are only young once after all etc.

And now there is at least one response to it, as seen here. Giving permission to the mom on the iphone to keep doing what she is doing, we have to multi -ask to survive.

I think both letters have valid points.

There are people addicted to FB, Tweets and social media, that are indeed missing the life in front of them. There are also people just managing their time with a technological device instead of paper, and at least they still got to take their kids to the park instead of being stuck indoors somewhere "working".

You could replace "iphone" with TV, work, hobbies, movies, drugs, alcohol, gossip, even "doing good". ANYTHING can take you away from the present.

Here's what I think, and I give credit to a commenter on the rebuttal post.
She comments that she works from home, and yes she is on her ipad or iphone working while still being at baseball practice and whatnot. You know, earning money to provide for her kids. She summed it up with this,
 "What I need is grace, not judgement".


We all need grace. Not judgement.

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