Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Slowly I Turn, Step by Step....

Apparently I have not been jogging recently. According to the My Fitness Pal app on my phone I am not jogging, I am walking briskly.

I beg to differ My Fitness Pal. Walking is a heel/toe motion in which one foot is always down, no bouncing or anything. Jogging has that momet when you are in the air and there is more motion.
This is walking, this is jogging, I'm jogging.

Except, there is no arguing with it. It says I am walking briskly solely based on my speed.
Because I am slow I am accused of doing less than.

I am simply not built to run.
I am built to swim fast, but not run fast.

I remember in elementary school participating in the Presidential Fitness testing. I was running the whatever yard dash. I tried so hard to run fast. I remember putting all my effort into it, striving to go fast, and feeling like I was standing still. I felt like cement.

I will not let this little app get me down!
So I jog slow. That's right, SLOW...but at least I jog. That's why we call it slogging anyway.

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