Thursday, February 21, 2013


The time had come.
I simply had to address my bloglines list of blogs I like to read. So many have stopped writing, some had gone directions I didn't want to read, and my list was so disorganized.

I spent a few minutes learning how to change them up, delete, organize and proceeded. I placed those that only write occasionally near the bottom, hoping one day to see that little black number beside their name again. Those that had been quiet for over a year or I knew had stopped or moved I simply deleted. Some made me a little sad. I arranged food/cooking blogs together, inspirational, family and so on. I deleted those that don't pertain to me anymore. I had felt convicted about another one, so I got rid of it. I felt icky pressing the button, but overwhelmingly relieved and at peace once it was gone. That surprised me, but I knew at that moment it was truly the right thing to do.

If it isn't edifying, what is it doing? Even if the writer has a sense of humor, should I be reading blasphemy or the praise of that which is against what I believe. I am not talking about closing my mind to opposing opinions, there is plenty of that out there. Inviting it into my home, openly, is another thing.

If it doesn't speak of hope, gratitude and love then consider what you are filling your brain with. I read plenty of mom style blogs that deal with the daily stuff, and it isn't all pretty, and I appreciate honesty. It lets the rest of us know, WE AREN'T PERFECT...JUST LIKE YOU!  What I am talking about is deeper than the truth that life is sometimes messy, and ugly. I'm trying to see where I compromise into the world's standards of what is okay and what isn't. Many people draw their own lines, based on past, their beliefs, who knows. I do not want to stand in judgement of someone that believes something different than I do, that isn't my job. I do need to protect my own heart, my own thoughts. I have to choose what I read or watch carefully.

Being Christ-like and Biblical standards are my main sources.
I am far from being where I need to be.

I am choosing to fix that.

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