Thursday, February 14, 2013

Boo! Boo! BOOOOOO!

235,000+ miles...and then one moment to this.
There was a hill, and a big old pick up ahead of me at a yeild sign. I don't know if he rolled back or I lurched forward, or both frankly, all I know is this happened in the blink of an eye and he drove off. I honestly think he doesn't know it happened. His trailer hitch hit my hood and, well, look at it.He drove off and onto the freeway.

I sat therefor a moment not sure what I should do.
There wasn't a scratch on his bumper, I looked right away. (Before I knew it was his hitch that hit me).
Bent hood, cracked and turned headlights. Could have been worse, SO VERY THANKFUL it wasn't.

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