Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Twenty-Three Ska-Dee

 Twenty Three years ago this happened...
and my life was never the same. Neither was the skin on my abdomen, yikes.
And though it was hard, and I wasn't prepared really, it was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. And I am not just saying that because mom's are supposed to, nope. I earned every moment of joy with these two. They were adorable and a major hand full. They were charming, and funny, and smart...the kind of smart that thinks up mischievous things to do. If one didn't think of it, the other one did. And they BARELY EVER SLEPT. Seriously. 15 minute naps? NOT at the same time? Ridiculous. I thankfully don't remember much from their first 6 months of life. And don't get mushy on me and say "how sad", it is a gift to forget, and I have photo's to prove it.
 I consider children gifts from God, and these two were indeed.

Life with them has been full. Full of surprises, full of laughter, full of joy, full head of graying hair.

And this week we will celebrate that they made it to 23. We wondered there for a time that they would actually make it, BUT THEY DID! And we are proud of them, and we love them very deeply.
Happy Birthday Alyssa and Jenelle. Chocolate fondue and Mexican Calzones, perhaps even in that order, we come.

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