Thursday, January 17, 2013

This Fixes Everything...Right?

SO, I just read this...
See what that says? Coke takes on
Um, yeah, Coke? Really? You think that will just make it all better? I am rolling my eyes at you right now.
You offer addictive sugary drinks, and most of your "low calorie" options have chemicals in them now proven to mess with the brain and cause hunger...What? You didn't know that?

Artificial sweeteners, when consumed, hit the tongue, sending a signal to the brain that something sweet is being consumed. This signals prepares the body for the ingestion of calories, specific ones. It is expectant. When what it receives is in essence a lie it waits for what it was told it was going to get.
It then sends signals to go get what it was expecting in the first place.
As for what it can do in the body? Scary stuff. 
This is of course all in laymens terms.

But this is a side point.
You can't cut down a forest, plant a couple of thorny weeds in it's place and then say "all better".

Now on the flip side, is it better that they are trying at all?
They aren't offering low calorie options because they are concerned about fat people. They are offering it because they make money, lots of it. The diet industry is a huge profit machine.
Are they tooting their own horn to up sales (of course!) and trying to cover their own tracks or are they truly concerned about the growing obesity issues?

I will admit, this is a hard issue. On one hand. people need the freedom to eat and drink freely. But I wonder if they really know what's going into their body? They may not care. I know plenty of people that don't want to be educated about what's in that fast food burger or soft drink. And one could argue  that we all pay for this through taxes for the medical coverage it will take to treat those that are not willing to take care of the body they were given. On the other hand...should companies be responsible for what they manufacture and what it does to the human body? I DO NOT WANT THE GOVERNMENT TO CONTROL EVERYTHING. That would be terrible. We already have a corrupted FDA system. Yeah I said it. Corrupt.  Aspertame is an example of money at work. They knew it cause brain lesions, they knew it caused problems in the nervous system, THEY KNEW...and yet it hit shelves.
I am opening up a giant can of worms right  here, and usually I avoid it.


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